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Golfers become more aware of the need for specialist Golf Insurance

Golf Care, 1st December 2011

Golf Insurance

Policy sales soar for market leaders Golf Care

Golf Care, the UK’s largest specialist golf insurer, has announced record new policy sales in November. The company recorded a 231% year on year increase in the sale of new policies, suggesting that golfers in the UK are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers that exist on the golf course and of the comprehensive cover Golf Care has to offer. The total number sold was a record number in a single month for the company. Additionally, Golf Care reported an impressive 139% YOY increase in the number of Golf Care policy holders in the last 12 months, underlining its market-leading position in the golf industry.

“We’re delighted with the recent figures, which clearly go to demonstrate that golfers in the UK are realising the benefits of having specialist golf insurance, on and off the golf course,” commented John Woosey, Managing Director, Golf Care. “We live in an increasingly litigious society and responsible golfers are finding that Golf Care policies are cost-effective, starting at just £29.99 per year, and can be tailored to meet individual needs”.

Golf Care policies can be purchased online and also through partner retailers, American Golf and Direct Golf UK, so players can be covered instantly and, importantly, before they next venture onto the golf course. A Golf Care policy covers golfers for Personal Liability up to £5million and Personal Accident up to £50,000. In addition, it offers equipment cover against theft, loss or damage on a ‘new for old’ basis up to £5,000, hole-in-one cover for up to £200 spent at the bar, as well as coverage for damage to third party property. With over 12,000 golf injuries requiring hospital treatment every year and golf equipment being a prime target for theft, Golf Care offers golfers the necessary protection every time they step onto the course.

A recent court case saw a golfer awarded £400,000 after losing the sight in one eye, as a result of being struck by a golf ball from another hole. The case highlighted to a national audience the importance of being insured when the presiding judge found the player who struck ball 70% liable for the damages, despite shouting ‘fore’. The golf club where the incident took place was liable for the remaining 30% for having insufficient warning signs. Despite the surge in demand for Golf Care’s market leading product, the company estimate that 8 out of 10 keen golfers are not adequately insured. “I found it really interesting to hear about the number of golfers who aren’t properly insured,” noted Golf Care Ambassador and former Ryder Cup Captain Bernard Gallacher. “Mishaps and accidents can happen to anyone and it’s quite frightening to imagine that your next shot could literally cost you a fortune. I remember being struck on the knee in the Benson & Hedges at the Belfry in the early ‘90’s. It took me out of the tournament and I was unable to play for a few weeks. It just goes to show that no matter what level of golfer you are, the golf course can be a dangerous place.”

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