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Direct Golf UK customers choose Golf Care

Golf Care, 31st May 2012

Golf Care, the UK’s #1 specialist golf insurance selling well at Direct Golf UK 

Golf Care, the UK’s largest specialist golf insurance provider, is delighted to announce the success of its successful partnership with Direct Golf UK, Europe’s No.1 award-winning specialist golf retailer. ‘Golf Care Direct’ was created last year exclusively for Direct Golf UK as a specialist golf insurance policy made available to consumers over-the-counter. The comprehensive policy ensures that golfers can be adequately insured both on-and-off the course before they leave any of Direct Golf UK’s 21 stores nationwide and includes equipment cover, personal liability, personal accident and damage to third party property.

“Theft of golf equipment has been on the increase for many years and a specialist policy covers you for that and so much more,” commented John Woosey, Managing Director, Golf Care. “We work hard to give our customers great additional value and by working alongside Direct Golf UK we have been able to offer extensive coverage at an unbeatable price. Getting you and your golf equipment covered is now quicker and more convenient than ever before.”

The exclusive ‘Golf Care Direct’ policy covers golfers for personal liability up to £5m and personal accident up to £50,000, as well as damage to third party property up to £2,500. Furthermore, the £1,500 of equipment cover insures against theft, loss or damage on a ‘new for old’ basis. Additionally, members receive three free rounds of golf from Marriott, De Vere and Q-Hotels as part of their welcome pack, saving them up to £210 in green fees.

“One of the most interesting claims is for drinks in the clubhouse following a hole-in-one. It’s every golfer’s dream but is often followed by panic, as you wonder how many of your fellow golfers lie in wait in the clubhouse! With a Golf Care Direct policy you’re covered for your bar bill up to £150,” continued Woosey. “Additionally, a court case in Scotland last November resulted in a golfer being awarded almost £400,000 after being struck directly in the eye by a stray golf ball, costing him the sight in that eye. The case has set a significant precedent and highlights the financial implications for those without specialist golf insurancecover.”

With over 12,000 golf injuries requiring hospital treatment every year and golf equipment being a prime target for theft, Golf Care offers golfers the necessary protection on and off the golf course. One golfer who has witnessed first-hand the need for specialist golf insurance is Golf Care Ambassador and Ryder Cup legend, Bernard Gallacher. “I’ve seen numerous incidents on golf courses, from people being hit or inadvertently leaving clubs by a green and it’s amazing how many people think their household insurance will cover them. So often this simply isn’t the case and giving golfers the opportunity to buy insurance at the same time they are buying new clubs or equipment is a great idea. Golf Care’s agreement with Direct Golf UK means that more golfers will be properly covered, which can only be a good thing.”

“We are delighted to be able to offer our customers the ‘Golf Care Direct’ policy, which is a great addition to our product line,” commented Neil Bell, PGA Professional and Managing Director, Direct Golf UK. “We’re selling more golf equipment than ever before and the value in a golfer’s bag can easily mount up. We see the importance of specialist golf insurance and we advise all of our customers to seriously consider whether they are adequately insured. We’ve experienced great success with the product since introducing it last year and we’re delighted golfers can leave our stores knowing that they and their equipment are covered.”

Firmly establishing itself as the UK’s largest specialist golf insurance provider, Golf Care’s wide array of policies has been meeting the needs of all types of golfer. With its greater accessibility it is anticipated that more and more golfers will be drawn to the Golf Care brand.

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