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Golf Care targets record year

Golf Care, 28th August 2012

UK’s largest golf insurer looks set to break policy sales record in 2012

The UK’s largest specialist golf insurer, Golf Care is on track for its second successive Record Year. The company has seen an upward trend in policy sales throughout the course of 2012, with the month of June setting a new record. The surge can be directly attributed to a positive response to the innovative TV campaign that featured Golf Care ambassador and 3-time Ryder Cup Captain Bernard Gallacher, which was broadcast across the Sky Sports network. The projections are based on the sales of new policies for the first half of 2012, which are up 52% compared to the same period twelve months ago.

“We’re continuing to see positive growth in the number of golfers taking out Golf Care specialist golf insurance. This is partly due to greater awareness, but also because of the level of cover and value for money that our product provides,” noted John Woosey, Managing Director, Golf Care. “For years golfers have believed that they are covered under the household insurance, however in many instances this is simply not the case. We’ll continue to work hard to ensure that we’re providing value for money for golfers and peace of mind for golfers every time they step on the golf course.”

Golf Care policies are available in-store at American Golf and Direct Golf UK, as well as online at www.golfcare.co.uk. From just £22.99 all golfers can be instantly covered before their next round of golf, including Personal Liability up to £5,000,000 and Personal Accident up to £50,000. In addition, Golf Care offers equipment cover against theft, loss, or damage on a ‘new for old’ basis up to £5,000, hole-in-one cover for up to £200, as well as coverage for damage to third party property. With 24-hour and worldwide cover options also available, policies can be tailored to an individual golfer’s needs.

“I found it really interesting to hear about the number of golfers who aren’t properly insured,” noted Bernard Gallacher. “Mishaps and accidents can happen to anyone and it’s quite frightening to imagine that your next shot could literally cost you a fortune.”

A court case last year saw a golfer awarded £400,000 after losing the sight in one eye, as a result of being struck by a golf ball from another hole. The case highlighted to a national audience the importance of being insured when the presiding judge found the player who struck ball 70% liable for the damages, despite shouting ‘fore’. The golf club where the incident took place was liable for the remaining 30% for having insufficient warning signs. With over 12,000 golf injuries requiring hospital treatment every year and golf equipment being a prime target for theft, Golf Care offers golfers the necessary protection.

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