Man from West Byfleet drives away in £20,000 Subaru after hole-in-one in local golf day!

Golf Care, 22nd September 2014


Name: Martin Coward

Age: 66

Occupation: Retired

Club: Drift Golf Club

Event: Club Captain’s Day

Golf club used: 4 Iron

Handicap: 11

Are you a member at Drift?

Yes, 30 years there this month.

How often do you play?              

Usually 3 times per week.

Tell us a little bit about Club Captains Day?

As a past Captain I am pleased for Nigel who had a most successful day, topped off by my good fortune. There are so many things to organise and worry about making sure that all the members enjoy the day and at the same time raise some money for charity – in his case the RAF Benevolent fund.

How many people were involved in the competition?

I believe 105 took the shot on the 11th.

Have you ever hit a hole-in-one before?

Yes once before while on a golf holiday in France.

How much was your bar bill?

£328! Amazingly some people had tea or mineral water as their free drink!

How did the process work from hitting the shot to getting your prize?

Fortunately the assistant professional was on that hole running a pro-shop sweep, so he checked and retrieved the ball and he reported back to the general manager. Much glee all round. The car dealer sent someone over that afternoon to take some photographs.

What were your of  feelings when the ball disappeared into the hole?

The prize of the car was not in my mind when taking the shot. It is a difficult hole, 190 yards with trees and rhododendron bushes down one side and a steep slope to more juggle on the other and the green slopes, so the first thought is get it down there somewhere, on the green if possible.

It was perfect strike and after landing on the green it rolled across the slope towards the hole, I was just willing it to stay there because of the pro-shop sweep, half expecting it to continue past the flag but it disappeared.

There was a brief moment of disbelief but the other players and the assistant professional soon got onto the celebrations. Only then did the prize get mentioned.  Still can’t quite believe it even though the car is sitting on my drive.

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