Ryder Cup Trivia!

Golf Care, 17th September 2014

Ryder Cup Trivia

As we build up to what promises to be an enthralling contest between many of the best golfers in the world right now, we’ve brought you ten things you may not have known about the Ryder Cup.

  1. The competition was the creation of Samuel Ryder, a wealthy English merchant. Ryder travelled with the team to the U.S. for the first tournament, in which they were heavily beaten.
  1. Abe Mitchell is the man portrayed on the lid of the famous trophy. He taught Ryder how to play golf. Mitchell was supposed to be part of the first ever team in 1927, however he was forced to withdraw with appendicitis. Mitchell did go on to play in the following three cups.
  1. Between 1935 and 1985, Europe were only victorious once, in 1957. Although the competition was ceased for ten years during World War II.
  1. In the entire history of the Ryder Cup, there has only been six hole-in-ones. Only one has been by an American.
  1. European players such as Jose Maria Olazabal and Seve Ballasteros only started being allowed to compete in 1979, before then it was just Great Britain that took on the U.S.
  1. Since captain’s picks were introduced in 1979, the U.S. team’s picks have won 46% of their matches, whereas the European picks have won 52%.
  1. An estimated 620 million household’s tune in to the Ryder Cup either through television or the internet.
  1. 130,000 pints of beer and 25,000 portions of fish and chips were consumed at the 2010 Celtic Manor tournament.
  1. Sergio Garcia became the Ryder Cup’s youngest ever competitor in 1999, at the tender age of 19!
  1. European legend Nick Faldo holds the record for the most appearances at the Ryder Cup with 11.
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