Golf Care’s 30% off Winter Sale

Golf Care, 12th November 2014

Top 10 Christmas gifts for golfers

We have just launched our 30% off Winter Sale, meaning annual policies now start from only £24.49.

But that is not all, we know how much golfers need; golf balls, golf ball markers and even FREE rounds of golf just to make the deal unbeatable!

For your £24.49, you’ll get insurance for the following:

  • £1250 – Golf equipment cover (theft, loss, damage)
  • £5m – Personal liability
  • £50,000 – Personal accident
  • £2,500 – Golfers accidental damage to third party property
  • £150 – Hole in one cover
  • £20 per day – Hospitalisation
  • £350 – Dental treatment
  • £500 – Golf equipment hire (in event of loss/theft)
  • £1000 – Club subscription reimbursement


Each policy holder will receive six FREE TaylorMade burner golf balls which the manufacturers describe as,


“The ideal option for golfers seeking an extraordinary all round golf ball. The two piece TaylorMade Burner golf ball has been designed to give you distance while still giving you all of the feel you need in your short game for the perfect all round golf ball.”


On top of all of the aforementioned you will also be given a FREE poker chip ball marker, which we’re sure will become very useful, as we know you don’t want to gamble that  your partner’s ball may hit yours on the green!


The extra benefits don’t stop there, how does three FREE rounds at some of the country’s most prestigious courses sound?


These three FREE rounds of golf are not these ‘2 for 1 voucher’ gimmicks that have been seen around. They are legitimate; our golf course partners will genuinely give you a FREE round of golf when you redeem your voucher.

So by using just one of your vouchers to play once in the year you’re likely to save more than the cost of your annual Golf Care insurance policy. If you use all three of your FREE golf vouchers you’re sure to save considerably more!


Apply now and take advantage of this exclusive, great value offer from Golf Care.

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