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Top 10 Christmas gifts for golfers

Golf Care, 3rd December 2014

Top 10 Christmas gifts for golfers

Christmas is a difficult time for golfers. For a start, you’re on holiday but (for most) it’s not deemed “acceptable” to go out for a knock on Christmas morning. “This is supposed to be family time,” is the likely response to such a suggestion.


Even if you do get a chance to hit the fairways during the festive season, the weather is unlikely to co-operate. Who wants to battle round 18-holes in driving sleet? Well, it’s better than nothing… On top of the weather, the course is liable to be in fairly lamentable condition: The greenkeepers will have been off for a week, and two months of rain will have left the place looking like the Norfolk Broads.


There’s no golf on the TV as the pro circuits are on holiday too. If you’re lucky you might find some re-runs of “Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf,” but things have to be pretty desperate before you’ll sit through 90 minutes of Al Geiberger versus Peter Alliss from 1969.


Christmas Day might bring some cheer as the hopeful golfer looks optimistically at the presents under the tree. “Those could be golf balls…. Maybe, just maybe, it’s Ben Hogan’s Modern Fundamentals of Golf.” More likely it’s a pack of novelty soaps and Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.


The thing is; it’s very difficult to buy presents for a golfer, particularly if the gift-giver doesn’t know too much about the sport. It might be tempting to buy a golfing friend or relative a score-counter or a set of those rubber tees tied together with string, but they really won’t want them – golfers are a fickle bunch. Here then is a little help; listed below are 10 gifts that any golfer would be delighted to receive on Christmas morning.


Golf is not a Game of Perfect by Dr Bob Rotella

This is the go-to book on golfing psychology and a must-read for every golfer. It’s common sense in the main but, if you follow the guidance, you will take a better mental approach on the course and your scores will, inevitably, come down. This is a gift that could lower the recipient’s handicap – surely that’s the ultimate present!


Hand warmers

A good one for the time of year: It’s pretty miserable out on the fairways when your hands get so cold you can barely make a grip. But you needn’t let it happen. There are various makes and types of hand warmers on the market that you can pop in your pocket (or a pair of mittens) and keep your fingers toasty warm. You can get one-use packs like “Little Hotties” that produce heat for up to eight hours when exposed to fresh air. Or, electronic warmers like the “HotRox” that can be recharged. They just make playing on those frozen winter mornings a little more enjoyable.


Customised Pro V1s

Admittedly not every golfer uses the Titleist Pro V1, but it’s a quality ball that any player should be grateful to receive. Speak to your local Foremost professional who will (for Christmas only) be able to order a dozen with a customised message printed on the side. Go for the recipient’s name or initials rather than something silly. Some people might be embarrassed to tee it up in the first Medal of the new year with “Best Grandpa in the world” emblazoned on the side of their ball.


A series of lessons

Winter is a great time to work on your game as you prepare to start the new season. Why not gift a course of lessons with a local professional? Even the best players could use a little fine-tuning to their games in the off-season.


A subscription to Golf Monthly

A gift that keeps on giving: An annual subscription to Britain’s leading golf magazine will cost you from just £29.80 for 13 issues.


Knitted Headcovers

These add a bit of class and colour to any golf bag: A retro look that will make your kit stand out from the crowd. Have a look at the ones from Flaming Golf.


A round at a top course

If you’re feeling generous then why not give a voucher for a game of golf at a famous venue? Perhaps if you play golf yourself, you might just benefit from this present too…


A night out in London

OK, so this doesn’t sound very golf-themed, but it will be if you factor in a trip to Urban Golf. At one of the three Urban Golf “clubhouses” (located in Soho, Smithfield and Kensington) you can play some of the world’s most famous courses on state-of-the-art simulators. You can also enjoy a few beers while you’re doing it. There are equivalent outfits in many UK cities.


Tickets for The Open

In 2015, the world’s premier golf tournament is being held in St Andrews – the home of golf. The best in the game will battle it out over the historic Old Course and the winner will be decided in front of the iconic Royal and Ancient Clubhouse. Why not give someone the chance to be there to experience golf at its very best – tickets are on sale now.


Golf insurance

Why not give someone a year’s peace of mind on the golf course? From just £22.99 Golf Care provides specialist golf insurance, covering golfers for up to £50,000 for personal accident and up to £5 million for personal liability. 

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