Golf insurance claims – just what goes wrong for golfers

Golf Care, 28th January 2015

Golf insurance claims

Here at Golf Care, we like to know why people make a golf insurance claim so that we can warn our customers and help them minimise the risk of things going wrong out on the course. We have delved into the claims data for last year and we can reveal that UK golfers like to celebrate, can be forgetful and sadly are still a target for thieves.


Of all the claims we analysed, the most common reason for people to claim was damage to clubs, accessories and buggies, making up 35% of all claims in 2014. The incidents in question varied from the extreme of reversing over your own clubs or buggies ending up in the water, to more common damage when clubs are in transit or accidents to a driver.  The average amount of damage done per claimant was £135.89.


A few shots behind and second in the table of reasons for a claim was loss of golf equipment, often while out on the course. Golfers seem to be a forgetful lot, with the most common items to be misplaced being range finders, GPS, clubs, watches, glasses, waterproofs and Sky Caddies.  It all adds up!


Unfortunately, golf theft is still an issue with 13% of claims due to theft. The average claim for theft was £402 but in some cases it was up to £3000, usually when a bag with all the equipment in is stolen. Golfers have been the victim of theft in several different ways in 2014; when moving house, items stolen when on the actual fairway itself, from garden sheds but most commonly from cars (17% of all thefts).  That’s why it’s imperative to remember to keep all equipment out of site when you put them in the car.


Sadly, on the rare occasion a golf insurance claim can be even more serious.  This year Golf Care handled one accident in which a Golf Care policyholder lost the sight in one eye following being hit by a rebounding golf ball. This isn’t the first time. More common is damage to teeth and claims for subsequent expensive dental repairs.


We’re also a lucky bunch, with 28% of claims made to cover the bar bill following that elusive Hole in One, with the average bar bill at £77!


If you would like to cover yourself against hundreds of different permutations you can face when playing golf, get an instant quote for a specialised golf insurance policy

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