A guide to golf buggy insurance

Golf Care, 17th March 2015

golf buggy insurance

Following the recent ruling by the EU on insurance for golf buggies, we’ve seen an upsurge in enquiries about golf buggy insurance.  While the ruling is still new and the implications have yet to be worked out, here are answers to the most common questions which we hope you’ll find useful.


Does my Golf Care policy cover me if I rent a buggy from my local golf club?

All Golf Care insurance policies cover you for public liability and personal accident. Public liability means if you accidentally injure someone else with the buggy or you cause damage to property, you will be financially covered for up to £5million. The personal accident insurance covers costs incurred should you sustain a serious injury on the golf course, up to £50,000.


If I own a golf buggy, can I get insurance and what will it cover?

Under your standard Golf Care policy, you are covered for public liability up to £5million and personal accident up to £50,000.  If you require additional cover for theft, loss or damage to your buggy, then we can help. We offer insurance for different types of golf buggies including single and multi-seater ones.


What if I keep my golf buggy at my golf club?


If you always leave your buggy at the golf club choose Buggy Club cover.


What if I keep the golf buggy at home?


If you are to take your buggy home, choose the Buggy Home & Club cover then it is covered in both places.  Remember, at club or home the buggy must always be secured in a locked building or compound when not in use.


Two of us share a buggy, can we both insure it?

No. The buggy can only be insured once and that should be by the person who legally owns the buggy for theft and damage. The other person will be covered for their liability through their Golf Care policy when riding the buggy.


Am I insured on the road? 

No we do not provide any cover which is required under the road traffic act.


Can I get golf buggy insurance without being a Golf Care customer?

No. You must have a Golf Care policy with us.  All our policy holders automatically get public liability and personal accident. For anything extra, get an instant quote online or call the customer service team on 0800 158 5515.

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