5 reasons why you shouldn’t rely on your household insurance when playing golf

Golf Care, 15th April 2015

Golf, no matter which way you look at it, is a risky sport to take part in. You and your fellow players are hitting a very hard ball at high speeds, in all different directions without anybody wearing any protective clothing. All taking place in close proximity to houses, cars, members of the public, all of which are susceptible to getting hit. Yet it’s estimated that nine out of ten of us still don’t have specialist golf insurance, many thinking that their standard household insurance will cover them. Think you’ll never need it, then think again.

  1. Average household insurance won’t cover your clubs when outside the house

Many golfers wrongly assume that they will be insured by their standard household insurance policy whilst playing golf both on the course or driving range, away from their home. But unfortunately this is often not the case.


Well that’s because household insurance is not a specialist golf insurance policy, designed entirely to meet the needs of the amateur golfer. Some household polices may allow you to include your golf equipment as an add-on to the policy, but this usually means an extra premium which we have found to be more expensive than the cost of our specialist golf insurance.

  1. No hefty excess or risk to your no claims discount

If a claim is paid under the house insurance, it would likely lead to a hefty excess, the homeowner losing any no claims discount and a raise in household premiums in future years.

  1. Golf insurance includes Personal Accident and Public Liability cover

We know that the majority, if not all household insurance policies will not insure you for personal accident and public liability whilst playing golf both on the course or at the driving range, whereas all Golf Care policies cover you for personal accident up to £50,000 and public liability up to £5 million.

In 2011 a golfer was awarded almost £400,000 in damages after losing his sight in one eye when he was stuck by a wayward golf ball. Now it wasn’t just the man who hit the ball that was found liable, but the club as well. Just imagine if you were to hit that most unlucky shot and had to pay out such a hefty amount of money!

“This case serves as a stark warning as to how much a bad shot could cost a golfer if a claim is made against them,” said John Woosey, MD of Golf Care. “Being hit by a golf ball can happen to any of us.”

“No matter what level of golfer you are, everybody has a bad day and hits a poor shot so accidents can happen to anyone” said Bernard Gallaher, former Ryder Cup Captain. “It‘s quite frightening to imagine that your next shot could literally cost you a fortune. Golfers need to seriously consider what would happen if they hit someone or seriously injured them on the course.  You could be found liable and sued for damages.  I remember being struck on the knee in a Pro tournament at the Belfry in the early ’90’s. It took me out of the tournament and I was unable to play for a few weeks. It just goes to show that no matter how good a golfer you are, the golf course can be a dangerous place.”

  1. All Golf Care policies come with 3 FREE rounds of golf at some of the globe’s most well renowned courses

Once you sign up to be a Golf Care customer, you are given the choice of 79 golf courses in the UK to play your three free rounds at. The 79 courses include some of the biggest venues in golf worldwide, such as; Mottram Hall, 2010 Ryder Cup host, Celtic Manor and four time Ryder Cup host, The Belfry.

  1. Golf insurance is designed entirely to meet the needs of golfers

Golf Care offers a range of cover to suit the budgets and needs of all golfers. We provide cover for theft, loss, and damage of golf equipment; accidental damage to property; dental treatment; golf equipment hire, club subscription reimbursement and even hole in one cover to pay for the bar bill, should you hit that 12,500 to 1 magic shot.

Additionally, as you can see from our chart below, there are several instances where the extra, more expensive household policy add-on actually wouldn’t cover you if something should go wrong. The simple answer is if you’re playing golf, the best option is to be protected by Golf Care specialist golf insurance in the UK or our Golf Travel Insurance if you’re playing abroad.


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