Golf’s 2020 Vision Infographic

Golf Care, 2nd April 2015

Golf is rapidly becoming one of the fastest evolving sports in the world, not only as a sport but also as a business worldwide.

With an estimated 80 million golfers playing around the world and close to 40,000 golf courses across the globe, it’s pretty easy to conjure the growing popularity of the sport. Plus, golf events have an estimated worth of £2billion a year, and the amount of profit generated from tourism makes is close to £1billion each year.

This aside, the golf industry is on the up for a number of reasons. As the image of the professional golfer is getting younger, so is the audience. We’re seeing a positive increase in young golfers taking to the sport, along with an influx of women players taking to the course.

Did you know, golf is now the third most popular sport in the Netherlands amongst females, and that’s thanks to the likes of Shanshan Feng who has given the sport a global, diverse appeal.Golfs 2020 vision

Technology has also played a major part in the development and increased awareness of the sport. China boasts around 39 million TV viewers a year to various different golf channels, that’s more than both the UK and the US figures put together. This figure is hardly surprising considering that the sport is “moving east” and becoming the sport of choice, currently for the wealthier Chinese population.

All in all, the future of golf is looking more positive than ever, and will continue to grow in popularity across the world in a range of unique ways.  Take a look at the finer details in the infographic below, delving into a range of interesting facts, current statistics and looking at many of the likely enforcement we’ll see in the world of golf by 2020.

Credit to Lion Trading for submitting this visual.

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