How much would my golf equipment cost to replace?

Golf Care, 23rd June 2015

The ultimate nightmare scenario for golfers –aside from horrible weather and a snapped club (or the 19th hole running out of beer) is finding out that your complete set of golf clubs, bag and everything that you have spent years collecting have all been stolen. The hundreds and thousands of pounds that you’ve spent on creating your ultimate arsenal of golf awesomeness all taken away in an instant – a horrible situation to be in.

Of course nothing can help that feeling associated with theft, but having to replace your clubs, shoes bag and golf cart afterwards is made a lot easier when you’re insured. So let’s look at how much your complete set up would cost to replace in the event it’s stolen – chances are you’ll be surprised at how much your golf gear is actually worth.

Golf shoes £100 – £150


You’ve spent years trying to find the best golf shoes to improve your game and provide you with the comfort to walk a golf course all day. You’ve left them in the boot of your car with your golf bag, tucked away nicely, only to find out that some unscrupulous character has lifted these along with the rest of your gear. Boom, there’s £100 gone straight away, and we’re just talking about the mid-range golf shoes here.

Clubs £1320


It’s a labour of love, collecting all your golf clubs over the years, finding out which putter is right for you and which driver really gets you further on the green. Let’s break down what you need and how much you’ll be looking to fork out should they decide to go walkabout.

  • Putter – £100
  • Driver – £300
  • Fairway woods – £200
  • Whole set of irons – £600
  • Wedges x 2 – £120
  • Head covers – £100

Bear in mind these are just the average cost of one complete set of clubs, so before you’ve even set foot on the fairway, you’re looking at around £1320 worth of clubs and head covers to replace. Ouch!

Golf bag £250 – £350


It’s highly unlikely a thief will try and carry your golf clubs away without the bag – so let’s throw another £250£350 on the cost.

Golf balls, tees and gloves £50


You store everything in your golf bag, so chances are they’re gone too.

Golf trolley £200



A golf trolley may be caught up in the heist too, setting you back around £200 or as much as £500 if you’ve opted for an electronic option

Waterproof clothes £100


If you’ve decided to store your weatherproofs in your golf bag, you could potentially be waving goodbye to your threads. Not cool.

Approximate total £2170

When you add all these prices up, a complete set of golf gear can cost anywhere near £2500, and that’s just the cost that an average golfer will invest into their game.

With golfers insurance costing you a £22.99 annually thanks to Golf Care, you could save yourself having to fork out for an entire set in the event your equipment is stolen… if you’re already covered, congratulations. For the cost of a large box of golf balls, you’ve potentially saved yourself thousands.

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