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Golf Care Case Study No.2: ‘The £20,000 Hole-in-One Prize’

Golf Care, 2nd September 2015


Drift Golf Club in Surrey put up a hole-in-one prize of a £20,000 Subaru in their annual ‘Captain’s Day’. Despite the incredible 12,500 to 1 odds, club member Martin Coward got lucky and was handed the keys to the brand new car. Fortunately, the organisers had taken out hole-in-one prize insurance with Golf Care, so weren’t faced with a huge bill at the end of the day.


Martin, 66, has been a member at Drift Golf Club for 30 years, The Captain’s Day is a popular event that all members are involved in to raise funds for the club and charities.

What happened?

Martin explains: “Winning the car was not in my mind when I hit the shot. The 11th is a difficult hole: 190 yards with trees and rhododendron bushes down one side and a steep slope on the other. Plus, the green itself slopes, so my first intention was just to get it down there somewhere and on the green if possible.”

His strike was perfect. After the ball landed on the green, it rolled across the slope towards the hole. “I was just willing it to stay there because of the pro-shop sweep but half expected it to continue past the flag,” he adds. It didn’t though – it found the bottom of the hole.

After a ‘brief moment of disbelief’, the celebrations soon started for Martin and his playing partners. They were then kicked up a few notches when he was told he’d won the car. “I still can’t quite believe it has happened even though the car is sitting on my drive!”

Need for golf insurance

Without specialist golf insurance from Golf Care, the UK’s leading golf insurer, Martin’s club would have had two options: either don’t put up the prize of a brand new car for a hole-in-one prize, or go ahead with it and be hit with a bill for £20,000 should somebody get lucky and hole-out…like Martin did.

Hole-in-one prize insurance allows golf clubs to put up fantastic prizes without the risk of having to shell out a huge sum in the event of somebody getting lucky. The prize on offer could be a brand new car, a luxury holiday, or even cash.

John Woosey, MD of Golf Care, explains: “For one low premium, you can put up the sort of prize that might be the difference between somebody deciding to enter your event or not without worrying about the consequences if someone does get lucky.”


Hole-in-one prize insurance is perfect for corporate golf days, society golf events and club competitions. Being able to put up a fantastic prize will attract more golfers to enter and add extra excitement every time someone steps up to the tee in question.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Golf Care will also provide up to £200 towards the bar bill for the first competitor to get a hole-in-one on any hole (excluding the chosen main prize hole). In this particular case, thanks to the insurance cover, the golf club didn’t face a hefty bill and raised an incredible £3,500 for the RAF Benevolent Fund. It was a great day for everyone, particularly for the organisers who, when one golfer beat the odds, didn’t have to worry about the costs.


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