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VIDEO: Examples of why you need golf insurance

Golf Care, 9th October 2015

Examples of needing golf insurance

Despite the best of intentions, in life accidents can and indeed happen. The golf course is no exception.

Should the worst happen, you want to be protected and that’s where specialised golf insurance comes in to cover you well beyond the realms of any traditional household policy.

But what can go on the wrong on the course, after all, it’s just hitting a ball around empty woodland? Wrong – things can go wrong in terms of your ball hitting an expensive object or person, your equipment could be stolen or damaged or you may even injure yourself.

To give some real world feel to these types of scenarios, we at Golf Care have picked out a few examples of claims paid out where customers have gotten into trouble on the course.

Fortunately, they were all insured with Golf Care insurance meaning any financial and stress worries were taken out their hands and dealt with by our expert customer service team.

Click play beneath to see how their worries were taken care of.

You can get your instant quote with Golf Care today by simply clicking here or calling one of our customer service team on 0800 158 5515.

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