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Winter-proofing your golf for the cold reality of festive fairways

Golf Care, 16th December 2015

As any Game of Thrones fan well knows, “winter is coming” but when it gets here, how can the keen golfer ensure it doesn’t ruin his or her round? Despite the miserable weather, there are plenty of advantages that come with getting out on the course at this time of year. For one the fairways are far quieter and a vast improvement in the range and quality of equipment and accessories available means you’ve got no excuse if you want to get some valuable time on the green before spring.

Here at Golf Care we’ve compiled a few tips to make sure you have the right tools to make winter golf a success…



The number one essential for winter golf is a set of waterproofs you can rely on. They need to keep you warm, dry and most importantly they must be breathable and allow absolute freedom of movement when it comes to that treasured swing. Thankfully fashion and technology has moved on a lot from the days when you could actually be at risk from dehydration such was the amount you could sweat inside what amounted to little more than a bin liner. The key element here is GorTex which can be expensive but will prove value for money when your partners are shivering on the first tee.



Believe it or not there’s a real art to being both warm and comfortable when you’re playing golf in winter and key to this is working out your layering properly. The general consensus among pro golfers is that three layers are needed: a tight-fitting base layer which enhances circulation, a warm layer for thermal regulation and the crucial ‘shell’ layer which should protect you from the elements. There are plenty of great products on the market designed by golfers for golfers with leading names such as ProQuip, Sunderland of Scotland and Galvin Green all worth a look.



All-weather gloves become a vital component of any golfer’s in winter weather. There’s nothing worse for a golfer than trying to grip your club when your hands are cold and wet. You’ll need to make a decision about whether you play with one glove or two though. Some pros prefer the extra grip a pair of gloves give while some will sacrifice this for a little more feel in wet conditions. It’s also worth investing in a pair of fleece-lined mittens you can wear between holes.



You’re going to look pretty daft if you turn up on a wet winter’s day wearing just a baseball cap in preparation for a non-existent sun. A far better option is a beanie or standard ski-hat-style golf hat. Always choose one which is fleece-lined or if you’re willing to splash a little more cash, go for one made with Merino wool.



No matter how much you want to show off your snazzy new spikeless golf shoes, don’t give in to temptation as they simply won’t cut it in muddy or snowy conditions.

Winter golf shoes may not look particularly attractive but as long as they are hard wearing, waterproof and a dark colour to save on cleaning, you’ll be much better off. Lots of the leading brands like to boast how lightweight their shoes are but in wet and cold conditions this is no way near as important.


Good luck!

Whatever time of year you’re playing golf, there’s a risk of injury and sadly that risk increases during poor weather conditions. Just like in any other walk of life, accidents can and DO happen. With golfers being sued for shots that cause injury, all golfers need to protect themselves as well as their golf equipment.


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