Insured golfer has golf clubs stolen from his car boot

Golf Care, 29th July 2016

man has golf clubs stolen from car boot

This case study is the latest in our series of real-life incidents illustrating why having golf insurance is so important.

Insured golfer has golf clubs stolen from his car boot:

The background

Golf Care policyholder Norman Freedman had his golf clubs stolen from the boot of his car, showing the importance of insuring your belongings. Once he’d realised his golf bag had gone, he reported the theft to the police and got in touch with Golf Care. Thanks to his specialist golf insurance policy, he was saved from having to spend thousands of pounds replacing his golf equipment.

The result

Freedman explained: “Naturally, I decided to make a claim and Golf Care was really fair about it. I keep receipts methodically, but I could not find my receipt for those clubs. I went to the driving range where I’d bought them and asked if they could help. They know me and the clubs I’d bought, and they happily obliged and produced a letter to state the replacement cost of those clubs which were three or four years old. Golf Care took the professional’s evidence at face value and a cheque arrived in the post within a few days. I was really happy with that. I thought Golf Care and the loss adjusters acted extremely fairly with my case and I was very satisfied with the service I received. It was sorted very quickly.”

The need for golf insurance

“I get very upset when people don’t carry golf insurance. Yes, it helps look after your equipment, as I found out, but there is more to it than that. I tell people they could destroy their own family if they cause an accident and hurt someone. All your assets could disappear if you don’t have golf insurance. If you hit someone in the eye with a golf ball, it could cost you a lot of money. So for what, 25, 30 pounds a year? It’s well worth taking out. Golf clubs should require players to have golf insurance before they head out and play on the course. That’s my personal feeling.”

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