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Why Is Winter Golf Equipment So Important?

James, 11th November 2016

Winter Golf


Golf in winter is not for the faint of heart. The weather is often horrible; visibility is impaired and the golf course itself? Well, let’s just say that conditions can be challenging.

But no matter what the weather is doing, there are plenty of people who defy the elements to practise the game they love. If you’re going to conquer the course in winter and keep your handicap down ready for peak season, you need some help. That’s where winter golf equipment comes in.

Special winter gear gives you the edge you need to beat the elements (and par). Winter golf equipment is your friend. And we’ve rounded up the very best picks for you right here.

Winter Golf

Bobble Hat

The most crucial part of playing golf in winter is staying warm and dry. If you’re too cold, you can’t think straight, let alone swing straight. Since you lose a great deal of your body’s heat from your head, it makes sense to keep it covered, particularly with a soft, warm bobble hat. Modern hats are ideal, with fleece lining to make sure your ears are nice and toasty, as well as a thick brim to keep the rain out of your eyes. Plus, they can be folded right into your bag without worrying about crushing it.

Yellow Balls

If there’s even a touch of frost, dew or snow on the course, we all know that white balls just blend into the background, making them next to impossible to find. Even before they land, they can be a nightmare to track in the air as well, making them a serious safety hazard. How do you know when to shout ‘Fore’ if you can’t see where your shot has gone?

With today’s specially-designed yellow balls, it’s far easier to keep your eye on them, as well as spot them a mile away even if hidden in the undergrowth. There’s a reason so many golfers switch to yellow balls for certain times of year.

Winter Golf

Club & Groove Cleaner

It’s impossible to hit a true shot if the grooves or edge of your clubs are coated in mud, sand or grit. Which is why this small but essential device gives you a brass brush to get right into the grooves and clean all the muck out, as well as a nylon brush for sand and lighter debris. That way you can make the cleanest possible contact with the ball.

Wet Grip Gloves

A common-sense item next up. There are plenty of issues that you’ll have to deal with if you’re playing golf in the rain, but one of the most irritating is losing grip on your club because it’s too slippery, and it can very quickly turn dangerous if it slips out of your hands and hits someone else.

The best wet grip gloves have a suede palm to stop the club disappearing into the distance, as well as a waterproof coating to keep your hands dry – so make sure you’re properly prepared for the drizzle!

Winter Golf

Cold Weather Mitts

Another glove, but this time an over-glove for the walk between shots. We know it sounds a little bizarre, but let’s face it – we’ve all tried to hit a shot with cold hands before and it not only stings like hell, but your feel is completely off as well.

The mitts are easy to pop on and off, and their thick Thinsulate fleece lining keeps your hands warm and flexible from tee to green, with Velcro cuffs that mean the wind and rain don’t get in – so when you go to hit your next shot, your hands will be in perfect condition.


How could we make a list of essential winter golf equipment and leave off a good-sized umbrella? Rain, sleet or snow, just bring your brolly a little closer and stride on down the fairway. And when you’re taking your shot, it’ll be protecting your bag, making sure your clubs stay dry.

As the season turns, winter golf equipment is essential for all golfers, and so is golf insurance. With more accidents and hazards brought on by the bad weather, winter equipment can help, and golf insurance can protect the rest. With cover starting from as little as £24.49 a year, plus a FREE Cleveland Golf towel worth £12 and your chance to win EVERYTHING listed in this blog, make sure you check out Golf Care today!

Winter Golf

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