Shaking Off The Rust: Get Back Into The Swing Of Golf

James, 16th January 2017



As the dust clears from the first star-studded tournament of 2017, the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, there’s a good chance you’ll have been inspired by some of the world’s finest players to dig out your golf clubs ahead of the new season.

Having not played much (or at all) over winter, however, it’s important that you go about it the right way. So, we’ve compiled our top tips for the best ways to shake off the winter golfing rust!

Hit the driving range

The first part of your muscle memory to erode will almost always be your swing consistency, so the most obvious thing to do is to get yourself down to the driving range and start swinging again! As you work your way through a few buckets of balls, it’ll all start to come back to you; the right grip, feet and shoulder alignment and everything else.


Book a pro lesson

Still not quite nailing it like before? Then why not get some expert advice from your local pro? Even if it’s just half an hour, they’re better placed to notice the small bad habits you’ve fallen back into and iron them out quickly.

Don’t forget to practice your short game!

Every golfer gets sick of hearing the classic phrase ‘drive for show, putt for dough’, but there’s a reason it’s been around so long – it’s true!

Matches and tournaments are won around the green, so make sure you spend some time practising your short game too – in addition to banging a few balls down the driving range. Chipping and putting may be less fun to practise, but you’ll be glad you did for the rest of the year.


Clean equipment

It’s the job that everyone puts off, so why not get it out of the way today? Grab a cloth or club cleaner and get all the grit and mud out of those grooves. You’ll thank us when you’re on that first tee and pull a gleaming club out of your bag – it’ll put you in the right frame of mind instantly!

Replenish your bag

New Year, new you, right? While some people might interpret that as trying a juice cleanse, we prefer to see it as New Year, new equipment! Start 2017 off right by filling your bag with everything you’ll need – from a stack of balls and tees, to maybe a new club or two… 

Staying warm

Christmas may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the weather is going to get warmer any time soon! It’s always hard to play your best golf when you’re freezing, so make sure you invest in a nice thick hat to keep you snug and swinging until spring!


Avoiding injury

We’ve seen only too often how back strains can plague golfers, from Tiger Woods and Jason Day to, most recently, Rory McIlroy. While we can’t guarantee your ability to be injury free, we can protect you against it. With Golf Care’s specialist Personal Accident and Hospitalisation cover, you can swing free, knowing we’ve got your back!

What’s more, having the right golf insurance is important all season to also protect your equipment and other golfers in case you accidentally injure them too. Check out Golf Care’s great value golf cover to protect you all over the course today!

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