James, 5th April 2017

There’s been a recent flurry in popularity for subscription boxes, a service where you pay a small subscription fee and every month – something exciting turns up on your doorstep. We’ve seen boxes for fashion, beauty, geek, sci-fi and TV memorabilia, even socks!

Here at Golf Care, we’ve often looked jealously across the pond at the countless golf subscription boxes they have in the US – and wondered why there’s never been one for UK golfers. Well, now there is, and it’s called My Golf Crate.

golf subscription

Every month, you’ll receive between 4 and 6 premium golf products ready to use right out of the box, including; branded gear, training aids, drill accessories, high-end balls and much more. Having waited so long for something like this to be available, and for only £29.95, we had to have one – and they were kind enough to send us their Launch Box to try.


The Box

golf subscription

The first thing we noticed was just how full the box was. Safely packed in plastic wrap for delivery, it rustled invitingly as we lifted the lid – and arrived complete with a handy guide to what was inside and how best to use it – which for some of the new training aids will come in handy!


The Balls

golf subscription

Any golfer’s eye will always be drawn to the balls first. In this particular case, there were two sleeves inside – both the Vice brand but two different types: PRO and DRIVE.

DRIVE: A 2-piece ball designed (as the name suggests) to be long off the tee, also with a long roll – which can be extremely useful for up and coming golfers.

PRO: A 3-piece Urethane cast ball that is meant to go miles. If you’re wanting to get your handicap down, the combination of length and stick that the PRO balls offer is a god send.

golf subscription

The Tees

golf subscription

Bees Tees traditionally come in three sizes – short, medium and long. Wisely, My Golf Crate have decided to give everyone the ‘long’ version, since they work uniformly across all driver types – whereas the other sizes can differ whether you have a hybrid or wood. Nevertheless, I’m a big fan of long tees and struggle to drive off anything else (I know) – so these were an excellent addition to my bag.


Odyssey Putt Target

golf subscription

If you want quality golf gear, then Callaway are always an extremely good bet. So, if you’re looking for something to help you practise your putting anywhere, then their Odyssey Putt Target is just the thing.

Part of their Tour-leading putter brand, Odyssey, the white disk has a raised lip to simulate the edge of the hole accurately, and comes complete with bag clip so you can take it anywhere. Whether it’s practising in your living room or on the putting green – it’s incredibly useful to be able to brush up your technique anywhere.


The Glove

golf subscription

If your old golf glove is getting worn, then look no further. My Golf Crate include a glove every other month – so you won’t have long to wait for a new one.

The one we received was the trusted GO all-weather glove. Lightweight, durable and with just the right amount of elasticity – it ticked all the boxes for me to throw my cracked old one out!


Hand Warmer

golf subscription

Spring has arrived, but it’s not exactly sunshine and blue skies every weekend. We’ve all used hand-warmers before but it’s a nice little addition to any golfer’s bag, particularly for those early-morning tee times!


The Pill

golf subscription

Now THIS is the one I was really intrigued by. Essentially, ‘The Pill’ is a replica of half a golf ball – flat side down. It’s a putting aid, meaning when you’re practising indoors or outdoors – its flat base will cause it to curve left or right if your technique isn’t spot on. That makes it incredibly easy to see how you’re pulling your putt and immediately start to correct it.

I have to admit, when I first started testing it, I wasn’t sold. But after a few days of practising on the carpet with The Pill, I suddenly found myself sinking putts at the weekend that I wasn’t before. If anything, its overly-sensitive curve means you’ll find the greens more forgiving once you get there.


The Grass

You thought that was it, didn’t you? So did we.

At the bottom of the box was some artificial grass, which you can see in all the pictures. At first, I thought “well, that’s a nice touch – it really sets the golf mood.” But to my surprise, it turns out the grass is also part of the box’s contents.

It is actually 20mm toughened artificial grass, designed to protect against divots or dents – whether that’s in the house or in the garden. So far, it’s proved impressively accurate at simulating the coarseness of the rough around the green.


After such a long wait for a UK-equivalent golfing subscription box, we were surprised and pleased at how much we enjoyed My Golf Crate. It’s clearly created by golfers for golfers. From driver-friendly balls, to chipping-friendly grass, to putting-proof training aids, there’s something for every golfer at every level to improve their game in there.

If the quality is this high for every box – all we can say is, sign us up!

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