High Steaks: The Best Golfer Restaurants

James, 2nd October 2017

It’s perfectly normal for famous golfers to spend some of their free time, whether during their career or afterwards, designing golf courses. But recently, there is a new trend growing amongst pedigree golfers – opening their own restaurants. But how do they stack up?

1) John Daly Steakhouse

Officially opened on the 27th September, the John Daly Steakhouse in Conway, Arkansas is surprisingly understated – unlike the man himself!

The mirrored interior gives a sense of moderate space, while the smooth matte tile on the floor suggests an upmarket bistro. In fact, the only clues that remain of the owner’s golfing pedigree, aside from the glowing green neon sign outside, are the Gold Lion design on the menu and an eye-catching chandelier made entirely from golf clubs!

First announced in December 2015, the opening date was moved several times – but now that it’s finally open, we’ll see if it does as well as his clothing and wine brands. Who knows, in time, it could be one of the best golfer restaurants around!

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Image Credit: Instagram @pga_johndaly


2) The Woods Jupiter

Opened in August 2015, The Woods Jupiter is – as you might somehow have guessed – a restaurant in Jupiter, Florida created and owned by Tiger Woods. When asked, Tiger said he ‘named it after my father and my children.’

However, to be in keeping with his sports star aesthetic, The Woods Jupiter defines itself as an ‘elevated sports bar’. As far as we can tell, it simply means that while there is indeed televised sports on screens dotted about – snacks and drinks cost a small fortune.

Recently re branded to allign with Tiger Wood’s new parent brand, T.G.R – the venue in Habourside Place is synchronised to tie in with Wood’s other business ventures. For instance, the serving staff in the restaurant wear Nike apparel and footwear, and give customers TGR branded hot towels to clean their hands after every course.

golfer restaurants

Image Credit: The Woods Jupiter


3) Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant

Arnold Palmer has long been celebrated, not just for being one of the most naturally talented golfers the world has ever seen, but also for being one of the first golfers to open up the commercial possibilities of the game. From footwear to motor oil – there was nothing that couldn’t have Arnie’s name on during his prime. Including, naturally, several restaurants.

The most famous of them all is ‘Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant’. Located in the Coachella Valley near La Quinta, it is deliberately just up the road from the PGA West complex of courses – including the Palmer Private, originally known as the Bob Hope Classic.

According to the restaurant’s manager, Palmer lived in La Quinta during the winter and “could be found hanging out in his restaurant two or three days a week when he was in town.” As you might expect, Palmer’s replica trophies – the Claret Jug, US Open and Masters trophies are all dotted around the place – as well as his framed Green Jacket hanging over the fireplace.

golfer restaurants

Image Credit: Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant


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