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Survey Result: More Than 30 Golf Injuries Are Reported EVERY DAY

Neil Robertson, 9th April 2018

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If you’re itching to get back on the course, make sure you’re aware of its hidden dangers!

According to a new report from Golf Care, more than 30 golf injuries are reported every day in the UK. Despite this worrying statistic, only 10% of golfers we surveyed admitted to shouting ‘fore’ or another warning while playing.

If you think these are innocuous injuries, think again. One in five golfers have hit another player with their ball and 45% say they have been hit by someone else’s ball or club.

The costs of such injuries can be huge, too – a Manchester golfer recently lost an eye during a round of golf and was awarded almost £400,000 in damages.

Cases like this show just how much of a risk comes with playing golf and explain why more than half of respondents stated that safety was a consideration when deciding to introduce another adult to the game.

Even more care is taken with the younger generations, with eight in 10 players saying they considered safety when introducing a child to golf.

Former professional golfer Bernard Gallacher said: “There are dangers around. When people get on the course, they are so absorbed in the golf and their swing that they can forget to take precautions.  I myself was hit by a golf ball once playing in a tournament.  On a par 5 hole I walked off and a Spanish golfer didn’t think he could hit the green and I was walking off.   But he did and the golf ball hit my knee and I collapsed.  Always expect the unexpected on the golf course.”

In addition to the above findings, more than a third of golfers said they have hit a building with their ball and 12% have hit a vehicle, while 5% of players have hit another player with their golf trolley.

If any of these things happen, you need Golf Care’s Public Liability insurance. This protects your legal liability if a compensation claim is made against you for injury to another person or third party property damage.

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