The Best Golf Wedges on the Market

Golf Care, 24th September 2018

best golf wedges


Wedges are often referred to as the “scoring clubs” and there’s good reason for that.

You may be able to drive the ball into “Position A”, well down the fairway. You may be a great putter, able to hole more than your fair share of mid-range putts.

However, if you can’t consistently get from “Position A” to within a makeable distance of the putting surface, you won’t card a huge number of birdies. This is where the “scoring clubs” – otherwise known as the wedges – come into their own.

The best golf wedges will deliver great feel and control, allowing you to loft the ball high and land it soft, to play shots that run and release, others that check-up and stop.

Most of the major manufacturers produce wedges with a selection of lofts and sole grinds to suit different player requirements and pitching actions. Here, we consider five of the best golf wedges on the market right now.


Titleist Vokey SM7

The Titleist Vokey Spin Milled 7 wedge is the latest in a line of short game clubs which were designed by master craftsman Bob Vokey and produced in collaboration with Titleist Tour players.

It has a great shape and finish and looks fantastic at address. The wedge offers superb spin thanks to the spin milled grooves, and controlled shot trajectory owing to a progressive centre of gravity through the wedge set.

There’s a strong range of options in terms of loft, bounce and sole grind. In fact, there are six different sole grinds to choose from to suit players with different swings and pitching techniques.


TaylorMade Milled Grind

This classic wedge has been engineered to ensure maximum consistency and reliable performance. The advanced surface milling technique used in production delivers precisely crafted clubs: from face, to grind, to leading edge.

A key feature of the TaylorMade MG wedge is the deeper bore and shaft insertion. This allows weight to be removed from the hosel and redistributed to the centre of the clubface for an improved centre of gravity and greater consistency.

The wedge is available in lofts from 50* to 60*, with three bounce options – low, standard and high – to suit different players with different short game techniques.


Callaway Mack Daddy 4

This wedge is at the cutting edge of technology and is renowned for producing exceptional spin.

This is largely down to the excellent Groove-In-Groove technology. The lower lofted wedges (52* and below) have a 20D groove for greater distance control, while the higher lofts (54* and above) have a more aggressive 5D groove for greater spin, even out of the rough.

The Callaway Mack Daddy 4 features a tour-proven shape, a soft feel thanks to its construction from soft carbon steel, and enhanced turf interaction thanks to the careful positioning of the centre of gravity.

Four sole grind options are available to suit a range of playing styles and attack angles. Overall, this is a very solid, high performing wedge.


Mizuno T7

Mizuno has always produced beautiful forged wedges and the T7 takes its “scoring clubs” to the next level from a technical perspective, with the use of Boron for increased durability.

Mizuno wanted to maintain the distinctively soft “Grain Flow Forged” feel of its wedges but also add a little durability. This was done by adding a trace amount of Boron to the forging process.

This means the wedges’ “Quad Cut” groove is longer-lasting. Those grooves are progressive through the lofts – deeper and narrower on lower lofted wedges, wider and shallower on the higher lofted wedges. With loft options from 45* to 62*, it’s possible to get exactly the gapping combinations you want from your wedges.

Available in either satin or blue finish, this classic, teardrop-shaped wedge looks great and performs superbly. Quite simply, it’s one of the best golf wedges around.


PING Glide Forged

Designed after close consultation with the PING Tour players, the Glide Forged is an extremely attractive wedge with classic shape and gooseneck, tapered hosel. A range of features offers exceptional feel and control.

The precision-milled, wheel-cut grooves have a sharper edge radius for maximum interaction with the ball at address and greater spin, the soft 8620 carbon steel used in construction offers superb feel while a tungsten toe weight delivers extra forgiveness.

With lofts from 50* to 60*, a rounded leading edge and heel/toe camber, this is versatile wedge range allowing for shot-making and creativity.

An extra feature of the Glide Forged wedge is the option to customise the design and graphics on the back of the club – you can have an American Flag or even an Arizona desert landscape, along with a stamp of your initials.


All in all, these are definitely among the best golf wedges on the market. Are there any others that you would have included? Let us know!

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