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Ryder Cup 2018 Wayward Shot Lands Fan In Hospital

Chris Clark, 1st October 2018

Ryder Cup fan loses eyesight after professional golfer Brooks Koepka’s wayward shot.

The American’s drive on the sixth hole swerved into the crowd and struck 49-year-old Corine Remande just above the eye, resulting in an eye socket fracture and loss of eyesight.

After rushing to check on her, the three-time major winner Koepka was left visibly shaken as he struggled through the rest of the course, saying: “It’s not a good feeling, I just wanted to get out of there.”

Commenting on the difficulty of controlling a golf ball over a great distance, Koepka said: “It’s hard to control a golf ball, especially for 300 yards, and a lot of times the fans are close to the fairway. You can yell ‘Fore’ but it doesn’t matter from 300 yards, you can’t hear it.”

Speaking from the Croix-Rousse hospital in Lyon, Mrs Remande thanked Koepka for checking on her, adding: “I tried to stay positive with him so that he didn’t lose his concentration.”

The incident serves to highlight the dangers of the golf course, with balls travelling in excess of 120mph, it’s no surprise that on average 12,400 golf-related injuries require hospital treatment every year in the UK alone.

When you are on the golf course arming yourself with insurance will protect you from potentially devastating claims. Shouting ‘Fore!’ won’t protect you from being liable for any injury or damage caused.

Find out more by reading our guide to Risks on the Course.

Dangers on the golf course

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