Golf Kit Bag Essentials: What Every Player Needs

Golf Care, 30th September 2019

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Besides your 14 clubs and plenty of balls, what else is essential for your golf kit bag? Let’s find out.

(And don’t forget, Christmas isn’t that far off  – yes, yes, sorry). Without further ado…

GPS Device

The golf GPS device has become a crucial piece of kit in recent years, as it’s helped golfers lower their scores.

Handheld units, laser devices and watches provide those essential yardages for you to attack the pin and/or lay-up short of trouble.

Near the top-end of the price range, the Garmin Approach G80 also acts as a launch monitor. This feature is evidence of how far distance measuring devices have progressed.

Thanks to today’s GPS devices, golfers can also track club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo and estimated distance.


No one should head out for a round without a Sharpie, unless you’ve carried out that all-important task of ball marking in advance of your Medal.

It’s not pessimistic to mark out a few balls, either, as even the best golfers lose the odd ball or two.

Sharpies are quick-drying, smear proof and fade-resistant. Equip yourself with a Sharpie multipack and you’ll have no ball-marking worries for a good few seasons.

Waterproof Gloves

In the unpredictable (and sometimes volatile) British weather, it pays to have a wet weather glove in your bag – yet not everyone does. Bad mistake.

FootJoy’s RainGrip glove features QuikDry knit material for optimum breathability, flexibility and quick-drying comfort. You’ll be thankful for this when the heavens open and you have a secure grip.

Base Layer

Ok, so it’s not quite as exciting as the latest GORE-TEX jacket, but the base layer is vital for keeping the biting cold at bay. On those freezing cold mornings, you’d swap a steaming hot cup of tea for one.

Take the Galvin Green Edwin Roll Neck Base Layer for example, which features SKINTIGHT™ Thermal technology. Its fabric offers maximum breathability and comfort.

For golfers who prefer not to wear a jacket, a base layer is a fantastic alternative, with less bulk and loose material.

Alignment Sticks

One of the most versatile training aids on the market, alignment sticks are a must have for any golfer. Poor alignment is a common fault and often the source of poor ball-striking and loose shots.

Alignment sticks help align feet, hips and shoulders square to the target. They can also be used to set up a number of other drills, from fixing pushes and pulls, to greenside and putting exercises.

What’s more, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Win-win all round.


Setting off without a golf towel is a crime. As is using the same one you had 10 years ago, or relying on ball washers on the tees.

What happens when you catch too much turf on the fairway, or get sand in your grooves?

There’s also something quite satisfying about wetting your towel and giving your Titleist Pro V1 a good shine.


We’re not talking your every day kind of brolly that keeps the drizzle out on the way to work. The golf umbrella is a different beast.

We recommend the BIG MAX Aqua UV, an umbrella with a 132cm diameter canopy and a special coating that provides both sun and rain protection. It also features an automatic opening and soft grip handle for comfort.

You get the picture… a golf umbrella is no ordinary umbrella.


Caps are fine in the summer but come the colder months you need something warmer up top.

The PUMA PWRWARM Pom Beanie features a warm construction, which consists of a fleece internal lining with temperature regulating PWRWARM print.

It’s just as essential as a base layer and at no time should you head out without one this winter.

Pitchmark Repairer

We don’t need to tell you about the importance of these, but we will anyway. Quite simply, they’re essential!

Let’s all make life easier for our well-loved greenkeepers and keen those putting surfaces in tip-top condition all-year round.

Now for the extra essentials…

Travel Bag

It’s not enough to have a carry and/or cart bag. For those weekends away and golf tours abroad, you need a golf bag for the golf bag.

This one will protect all your expensive gear getting damaged when it’s transported on and off the plane.

The Ping Rolling Travel Cover has been designed to carry both cart and stand bags, with smooth-rolling urethane wheels and skid rails for easy manoeuvrability. It’s one of the more expensive products on the market, but your gear’s worth protecting, right?

Shoe Bag

We’ve probably all been guilty of it at one stage: stuffing the golf shoes in a plastic carrier bag.

No, no, no… this won’t do. You need to look after those leather shoes, so go the extra mile and invest in a shoe bag.

The FootJoy shoe bag features a full zipper opening and a soft carry handle. It looks the part, as you will you. No plastic in sight.

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