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The A-Z of Essential Golf Equipment For The Next Time You’re On The Course

Golf Care, 26th June 2020

essential golf equipment

Aside from the obvious – clubs, balls and tees – what items do you need when playing golf? Here’s our A-Z of essential golf equipment for the next time you’re on the course.

Alignment sticks

If you’re serious about lowering your scores, you’ll need a training aid or two.

Many of the best tips out there require alignment sticks. They’re lightweight and easy to slip in your bag and you can rely on them as much as your trusty 7-iron. 

Ball marker

We all know that sinking feeling when you’ve made it onto the green, put your hand in your pocket and your ball marker’s not there… disaster.

Asking your playing partner for a ball, glove or tees is not cool. Nor is borrowing someone’s treasured ball marker!

Get yourself in that pro shop and treat yourself to the club’s own logoed ball marker.

Base layer

Everyone should own a base layer, even fair weather golfers.

Base layers are extremely effective in keeping the cold at bay and reduce the need to bulk up with lots of extra layers.

If you suffer from the cold, this is the solution.


Whether you suit a cap or not, some kind of headwear is essential when you’re on the course.

The sun does make an occasional appearance in the UK and you don’t want to be without protection when it does.


Keeping hydrated – and with the right kind of liquid – is essential.

The BIG MAX Thermo Vacuum Flask features a double-walled vacuum for insulation that can keep your beverage hot or cold for up to 24 hours.

Not every club has a halfway house where you can grab a nice cup of tea. With your own flask, you’re sorted.

Glove (spare)

The golfer who doesn’t carry a spare glove is living life dangerously.

You’re going to lose a glove between tees. Maybe it’ll drop out of your back pocket before you even make it to the first tee. So, be prepared and don’t be that person who asks to borrow one.

GPS device

Is a golf GPS device an essential piece of golf equipment? Maybe not if you have all your yardages dialled in around your local course.

For nomad golfers, however, they’re well worth investing in.  Not only do they help avoid hazards, they generally act as your own personal caddie.

Traditionalists will argue that a GPS device removes certain skills from the game, such as course management. But if it helps you shoot lower scores, are you going to be overly concerned with this argument?

The Garmin Approach S10 GPS Watch – RRP £139.99 – provides yardages to the front, back and middle of the green.

You can spend three times as much on a GPS device, but we’d class receiving and sending texts as non-essential. 

Pitch mark repairer

Any golfer feels naked without one of these, or at least they should do.

By having a pitch mark repairer in your bag at all times, you’ll help look after your greens (and avoid falling out with fellow golfers and/or green keeping staff). In fact, it’s better to have two just in case.

Many come with a detachable ball marker too – and you can never have too many of those.

Practice bag

A plastic bag is not the look you’re after. It doesn’t say ‘serious golfer’.

If you’re going to spend time working on your short game, make sure you look after all your ammo by investing in a practice bag.

Sharpie mini pen

Ok – this isn’t strictly an item you use while playing golf or something you use to store your equipment in. But, this versatile fine point pen belongs in the golf bag; it’s the kind of unofficial pen of golf.

The quick-drying ink resists fading, so even when you do start to find the middle of the clubface consistently, you won’t have to keep remarking your ball.


A towel performs many important functions when you’re playing golf and you don’t want to head out without one.

It’s going to clean those clogged up grooves, dry your grips and keep your ball looking like new and rolling true.

Without one, things get quite unhygienic.


There’s nothing worse than being caught in a downpour without an umbrella – this often spells the end of a round.

The golf umbrella is a different beast to your regular kind. It’s stronger, more robust and effective, even in gale force winds.

Valuables pouch

Without a valuables pouch, you may not return to your car with your wallet, your mobile phone, your keys and all those other items you tend to just sling in your bag. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Owning one also gives you the opportunity to brag about where you’ve been. Augusta, St Andrews. Wherever it happens to be, let everyone know you’ve played there.


In an ideal world, you have waterproofs to cover yourself from head to toe for when the heavens open – and it will rain, even when they said it wasn’t going to.

You get what you pay for, and whilst there are plenty of options for those on a strict budget, investing in a premium waterproof suit will pay off in the long run – especially if you play frequently.

Don’t get caught out – roll them up and stow them away in the bag.


It’s wise to kit yourself out with a few different forms of golfing layers for different types of weather. That’s why owning a windproof is vital.

Galvin Green’s Dwight Insula Windtop features a half-zip opening, so it’s easy to pull on and off.

Once the blustery conditions and cold get the better of you, you’re doomed – but not if you’ve stowed a decent windproof in the bag.

Wire brush

A wire brush might not be the first accessory that springs to mind when you think of essential golf equipment, especially if you’re new to the game. However, this is a crucial piece of kit when it comes to keeping your clubs clean.

After all, we’re all looking for that perfect strike, made all the more difficult when the grooves are full of dirt.

Simply attach one of these to your bag and you’re sorted.

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