The Best Golf Apps On The Market In 2020

Golf Care, 25th August 2020

best golf apps

Are you sure you’ve got all the golf apps you need?

Yes, your tablet and/or phone might be full to the brim with apps – including some you very rarely use – but there may be one or two golf apps that could transform your game.

We’ve reviewed the market to provide you with the best golf apps in 2020. These range from apps featuring GPS and swing feedback to tournament apps such as The Masters and the Open Championship.

Many of the best golf apps perform lots of functions, and they all share one common feature: they’re easy to use. Let’s look at the best golf apps on the market right now… – FREE

For golfing nomads, this is a ‘must download’.

Where do you want to play? What tee times are available? What deals are out there?

One of the best features is ‘Hot Deals Near Me’. Click on that and you can save up to 50%.

You can also save your scorecards and view statistics from previous rounds. Plus, it has a GPS feature.

Even for golfers belonging to a club, this is definitely an app for all.

If you’re out and about on your travels and fancy a late minute tee time somewhere nearby, this is the answer.

Hole19 – FREE

Not all free golf GPS apps get the thumbs up, but Hole19 is certainly right up there.

One area where a lot of apps fall down is the user-interface, yet Hole19 has nailed it with its intuitive and stylish design.

Another appealing addition is the link to social media, which is perfect for those who like a bit of healthy competition.

The bird’s eye satellite image of the course enables you to explore hazards and the layout of each hole. Therefore, you’re getting more than just front, centre and back yardages.

Give your course management a boost and watch your scores tumble.

The Masters Golf Tournament – FREE

It’s time to get this app back on your phone ASAP!

November is fast approaching – the new slot for the 2020 Masters. So, if you deleted the app just as Tiger Woods pulled on the Green Jacket last April, now’s the time to download it again.

A live leaderboard, stats, videos, course info… this app has a bit of everything.

Some tournament apps feel like they’ve been created just for the sake of it, but this isn’t one of them. It’s worth downloading for the shot tracker alone.

This app also boasts a wonderful design, just like the course, and is easy to navigate – rather less like the course.


With this app, you can keep abreast of all the latest action from across the pond.

The official PGA Tour app provides live leaderboards and video highlights, plus a great deal more.

You can research stats, take a tour of the courses and browse through the galleries… it’s all there.

How’s that player going that you backed? How did they make eagle at the par-5 16th? Who’s leading the field in driving? Whatever questions you may have on the PGA Tour, this app has the answers.

Click and swipe through the data to your heart’s content. If you can’t tune in on a Sunday evening when the action starts heating up, this is the next best thing.

The Open Championship – FREE

This year’s shootout for the Claret Jug may have been cancelled, but fear not – golf’s oldest Major Championship will be back in 2021 at Royal St George’s.

The Open app is a real gem, offering far more than tournament information.

With this app, you can find out everything about this great Championship, immerse yourself in its greatest stories and get the latest ticket information.

When play gets underway, users are treated to some wonderful content, including live scores, video highlights and interviews.

This app belongs on your phone throughout the year, not just during a wonderful week in July.

Toptracer Range – FREE

This app is designed to deliver the same ball-tracking technology used in professional television broadcasts to golfers at the driving range.

If you’re visiting a Toptracer range – there are over 70 in the UK alone – you want to maximise your experience.

It lets you compete against friends, play virtual courses and receive instant shot feedback.

Range time can get repetitive, but this app makes practising your game infinitely more fun.

Once you’ve experienced Toptracer and downloaded the app, you won’t want to practise anywhere else.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer – FREE

This is one of the best golf apps out there for working on your game. Record your swing and set about getting that handicap down.

Nothing beats working with a qualified PGA professional, but you can still do that in conjunction with the app.

With the Zepp sensor – which costs $150 – you get the full range of metrics, although the free app has a bunch of features. Plus, it comes with score tracking and GPS.

R&A Rules Of Golf – FREE

Our sport has a pretty complex set of rules, but The R&A’s app helps clarify what the correct procedure is when you find yourself scratching your head.

Whether you want to brush up on your knowledge around the most common rules errors, or delve deeper into what to do in more bizarre scenarios, this is well worth having in your golf apps folder.

Golf GameBook – FREE

You’ll probably already know about this one if you like arranging a society day, or a little competition with your friends.

Amongst many other things, the app adds a bit more drama to your weekend’s match. How’s your nemesis getting along? Who’s in the leads? Where are you sitting?

The other superb feature is the statistics database that it offers – fairways hit, greens hit and how many putts.

With GPS functionality, this is a seriously good app – one that improves the experience of being in a comp and helps you keep track of your own game.

PGA Tour Golf Shootout – FREE

There are hundreds of golf games out there if this is your thing – and they can be addictive.

Maybe it’s because most of us can make more birdies and hit more 300-yard drives on a five-inch screen than we can in real life that such apps are so appealing.

With PGA Tour Golf Shootout, you can play against real opponents around the world – so it’s not like you’re not getting the benefit of a hard-fought match at your club.

The 3D graphics are terrific, as are the PGA courses you get to tick off your list for free!

If nothing else, it’s a good way to pass the time on a long journey.

V1 Golf – FREE

V1 Golf offers a simple way to capture, compare and improve your swing.

Doubtless you have videos of your swing sitting on your phone, but how about you doing something with them?

All you need to do is hit record and then play it back frame by frame in slow motion.

Perhaps you know a handy golfer who can then offer you tips and advice. Better still, take it to your pro.

This is a super app for coaches to use, too, with features such as a drawing tool and split screens allowing teacher and pupil to compare swings with the best in the business.

If you’re serious about lowering your scores and improving your swing, you could do far worse than downloading V1 Golf.

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