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The 11 Best Winter Golf Accessories

Golf Care, 16th December 2021


We’re into that pretty grotty time of the year when if you do find yourself lucky enough to get out and play, and your course is open, conditions are generally quite tough.

However, if you’re intent on getting out no matter how bad the weather gets, the best winter golf accessories can help make playing a little easier – and more enjoyable.

So, to help you tackle the fairways over the next few months, we’ve put together a list of the best winter golf accessories.


1. Sun Mountain H2NO Vision Umbrella, RRP £44.99

winter golf accessories

A golf umbrella is an essential piece of kit, and as well as one that offers protection from heavy rain, you’ll want it to withstand strong gusts of wind too. Sun Mountain’s H2NO does both, plus when you do have to take cover, it offers a clear sight of the path ahead thanks to its double viewing window.


2. Titleist Performance Snood Neck Warmer, RRP £21.99

winter golf accessories

Golf snoods never used to be a thing, but they are now. Sometimes you need more than just a bobble hat to stop the heat escaping from your upper half. When you’re out on the links, and the wind is whipping in off the sea, you’ll be glad that you pulled on your fleece-lined snood. With moisture-wicking technology, it’ll help you stay warm and dry even when the temperature drops towards freezing.


3. GOLFINO Knitted Hat, RRP £49.95

winter golf accessories

Keeping your head wrapped up is half the battle in the winter months, and you can’t expect to enjoy a round of golf unless you own a toasty beanie. Made with lightweight cotton and a blend of soft and warming merino wool, this hat will ensure you stay comfortable. It’s stylish, too, with the contrast stripes and embroidered golfer.


4. Galvin Green Landon II Interface-1 Thermal Golf Mitts, RRP £49.95

winter golf accessories

Though the name may sound a bit of a mouthful, all you need to know is that these mitts are designed to keep your hands lovely and warm. The fabric is 100% windproof, and they’re water-resistant, too. In short, get yourself a pair of these, and you’ll never have reason to complain about the cold upsetting your grip ever again.


5. Ocoopa Hand Warmers, RRP from £24.99

winter golf accessories

Just because you’re probably not going to find these in a pro shop, it doesn’t mean they can’t be classed as a golf accessory. These rechargeable hand warmers are going to give you quite a bit more heat than a standard pair of mitts. They’re fairly heavy, but not to the point of being a distraction, and because they’re rechargeable, you won’t have to keep buying those miniature pouches every time you play throughout winter, some of which tend to run out of heat a little too early anyway.


6. FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves, RRP £23.49

winter golf accessories

If you have a tendency to struggle with your grip during the winter months, you’ll do well to invest in a glove like this. This pair pack not only aids grip but also provides warmth through thin, flexible layers of insulation too. Meanwhile, the extended fleece with lightweight stretch knit cuff traps heat for added warmth.


7. TaylorMade Thermal Mug, RRP £19.99

A hot cup of tea is most welcome on a winter morning on the fairways. One of the best ways of staying warm is to fill a flask instead of throwing a quick cup down your neck before teeing off. With the premium stainless-steel construction, your tea, coffee or soup will stay blistering hot, while the plastic surface means you won’t burn your hands. No more cardboard cups with fiddly plastic tops.


8. Kaktus Winter Wheels, RRP £84.99

The idea with winter wheels, which are easy to attach to your golf trolley, is that they help to reduce contact with the soil surface. As a result, they prevent unnecessary damage to the course. The studs on these wheels (you buy them as a pair) lift your trolley up and promote a better forward roll.


9. Golf Hip Flask, RRP £29.99

We’re not suggesting you have a nip of whisky every time you play golf, but there’s no harm in pulling the hip flask out of the side of your bag on a particular cold winters day. Be sure to have just the one sip, though – perhaps just before heading into the back nine.


10. Cobra Golf Crown C Players Towel, RRP £17.00

A golf towel is an essential piece of kit full stop, but in the winter, you really don’t want to be heading out without one in your bag. This super-absorbent towel features a microfiber waffle construction that makes it easy to clean and care for your equipment. Shoes, clubs, electric trolleys… they’re all going to get pretty filthy in the winter, so make sure you have one or two towels on standby to keep everything looking clean and shiny.


11. FootJoy TechSof Tour Thermal Golf Socks, RRP £11.00

It’s hard to enjoy your golf once your feet have frozen, which is why you need to stock up on thermal socks. Golf shoes alone aren’t going to prevent the frosty cold from penetrating your toes, so get yourself a pair or two of these. Complete comfort and warmth is what the TechSof Tour socks deliver, allowing you to forget about the cold and concentrate on your game.


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