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9 best golf chippers on the market in 2022

Golf Care, 25th May 2022

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Are you struggling with your short game? If so, you’ll want to check out our list of the best golf chippers on the market.

We analysed over 3,500 Amazon reviews to find only the top-performing chippers in terms of customer satisfaction. Beyond this, we only selected those with the strongest key features to appear on our list.

We’ve also covered a few tips on what to look out for during your search so that you can find the best golf chipper for you.


Table of contents

  1. MAZEL Golf Chipper
  2. Ben Sayers Men’s Pro Chipper
  3. MYKUJA PGM Two-Way Chipper
  4. Wilson Golf Pro Staff SGI Chipper
  5. Slazenger Unisex V300 Chipper
  6. Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper
  7. Intech EZ Roll Chipper
  8. Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray Chipper
  9. Longridge Two Ball Chipper


#1 – MAZEL Golf Chipper, £66


Thanks to its heavy club head with a lower centre of gravity, this is one of the best golf chippers for getting the ball airborne on trickier parts of the course.

Even sand shots are made simple through the wide sole, which allows you to swing it like a putter.

In terms of the loft, you have the option of:

  • 35 degrees
  • 45 degrees
  • 55 degrees
  • 60 degrees

This offers a level of versatility that other golf chippers on the market don’t and really allows you to customise your purchase.

The high-performance rubber grip created by MAZEL has anti-slip and shock absorption qualities, creating a comfortable and controlled movement for each swing.

Customer review:

“I have used the club for a couple of rounds now and can see already it will be an asset to my short game from around the green. I also tried it from a bunker and found it worked a treat.”


#2 – Ben Sayers Men’s Pro Chipper, £28.88


Founded in 1873, Ben Sayers is thought to be the oldest golf company in the world.

They have a strong reputation for delivering quality golf equipment that revolutionises the market. It’s no surprise that one of their products is on our list of the best golf chippers in 2022.

The Ben Sayers men’s pro golf chipper is a hit with customers and has 95% positive reviews on Amazon. This is due to its unique features and fantastic build quality, and perhaps the fact it comes with an XF Pro golf head cover.

One of the most striking features is the built-in alignment aid that assists overall shot accuracy during your line up and swing. This is a nice addition and can help those newer to the game build confidence.

The central channel of the golf head contains added weight to improve the chipping action at impact. The sole has also been extended to help you eliminate mishits.

Customer review:

“This club performs well from up to 40 yards for a weekend hacker like me. A more accomplished golfer could probably use it effectively from 60 yards or more. The grip and action are like using a putter, and I can achieve straighter shots from up to 40 yards off the green.” 

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#3 – MYKUJA PGM Two-Way Chipper, £48.16 


If control is what you’re looking for, this MYKUJA golf chipper is a fantastic choice.

The 35-degree loft ensures the ball stays low and works wonders to improve shot consistency from difficult angles or terrains.

Its two-way function offers fantastic versatility as it allows you to alter your stance and take shots you wouldn’t be able to take otherwise. Next time your ball is on the edge of a bunker, you’ll want to have this club ready to go!

This chipper is ideal for rookies and high handicappers looking to improve their technique. You may want to go for a one-way chipper if you’re a more established golfer, as two-ways are illegal in tournaments.  

Customer review:

“Nice quality club. It is capable of doing more than I expected. I thought it’d be great just off the green, but it has unique uses elsewhere. I’m still learning what it can do.” 


#4 – Wilson Golf Pro Staff SGI Chipper, £24.99 (RRP £29.99) 


Wilson is another big name in sports, having been around since 1913. They sell a huge range of golf equipment, and their Pro Staff SGI chipper certainly lives up to the Wilson name.

With the loft of an 8 iron and the lie of a putter, this club has no trouble getting the ball to the green. It provides outstanding precision and can be used during both approach shots and the final putt.

The club comes with soft grip tape for optimal stability and control during each stroke. A softer grip provides greater comfort and is ideal for beginners working towards better swing speed and torsion control.

The sleek grey graphite design of the club head makes it a great choice for those who want to chip in style.

Customer review:

“This club is great for chipping onto the green. It’s so easy to use and just like a putter!”

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#5 – Slazenger Unisex V300 Chipper, £14.99


Comparing the best golf chippers on a budget? You should check out this product from Slazenger.

It has a large sole like a fairway wood, enabling smoother contact with the ball. The shaft is upright and angled similarly to a putter, but the 35 degrees loft is the only noticeable difference.

The grip is hard and like those used on an iron, so it will suit beginners trying to build their confidence working with this type of grip. You can experiment by gripping it like a putter or an iron and seeing what works best for you.

Despite the low price, there is also an alignment aid on the club head to help you line up your shots. This is quite surprising and highlights this as one of the best golf chippers for beginners.

Customer review: 

“This is a great club to have if you need to build confidence off the greens. Gets a nice little loft onto the green from most surfaces. Good value as well.”


#6 – Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper, £46.45


This incredibly easy to use chipper from Pinemeadow Golf is a hit on Amazon with 93% positive reviews.

Its wide sole and perfectly balanced design allow for greater control on impact. It’s been designed to create minimum face rotation to get the most out of your swing and improve your overall shot consistency.

The 37-degree loft brings an element of versatility when choosing your shots. No matter the situation you’re stuck in, this chipper will come in useful for getting back on track.

Pinemeadow Golf has created a sleek golf club with the EGI chipper’s all-black design. It’ll fit right in with your current set, no matter the colour scheme.

Customer review:

“Great club. Nice weight, balance, and very smooth action. Nice club base that easily glides over grass.”

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#7 – Intech EZ Roll Chipper, £34.57


This is hands down one of the best back-weighted golf chippers on the market. Counterbalance is key for golfers looking to achieve a better extension on their swing, and this club provides exactly that.

Another unique selling point is the gooseneck hosel, which places the chipper face behind the shaft. This prevents shanking, which is when the club’s hosel hits the ball and causes it to go off course.

It has a 35-degree loft equivalent to a 7-iron yet is the same length as a putter. You’ll get a decent distance on the ball if it’s trapped in a precarious place, especially thanks to the counterbalanced design that naturally gives it a greater loft on impact.

There are advanced alignment lines engraved onto the club head, allowing you to achieve greater accuracy with each chip shot you take.

Customer review: 

“I’ve only used this one round so far, but I really like it! Short chips into the green were always the worst part of my game. I could never master a shortened swing with a wedge to land the ball where I needed to.

This chipper takes a lot of that difficulty away. Just swing the club like a putter, and it gives it a nice lob onto the green.” 


#8 – Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray Chipper, £39.99


Ray Cook is known as a passionate golfer and for inventing the M1 Putter in 1963, which later saw a PGA Tour victory.

The Ray Cook Golf brand is popular amongst golfers, and the Silver Ray golf chipper is one of the most successful on the market.

It’ll help you cut strokes off your game through its 32-degree loft, which works like a charm in any rough. Plus, the milled face of the club head will guide the ball perfectly with just the right amount of spin and massively improve your shot consistency.

The club has a rich charcoal finish that makes it a stylish addition to any golf set. It also reduces glare and makes lining up your shot even easier. 

Customer review:

“If you are new to this style of chipper, it does take a bit of practice to get used to swinging the club like a putter. But any time the ball lands around the outside of the green, this is the best tool for the job.

It lifts the ball just enough to not hit tree limbs like a 56-degree chipper would, but high enough to get over sand hazards.”

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#9 – Longridge Two Ball Chipper, £24.99


Is alignment one of your weak points? If so, you need to check out this golf chipper from Longridge that essentially doubles as a training aid.

It comes with a one-and-a-half disc alignment system that provides instant feedback on your alignment so that you can adjust it as necessary.

Many golfers favour hollow-bodied club heads due to being very forgiving. They work by dramatically reducing the amount of vibration on impact to lessen the effect of mishits.

This chipper from Longridge does exactly that and can instantly improve your short game through its hollow back technology and wide sole.

The grooves along the club face also provide more control of the ball on impact, making your shots cleaner. Given that this product will see your consistency skyrocket, it’s one of the best golf chippers available for beginners.

Customer review:

“Miles better than trying to pitch onto the green from a few metres away. Way more accuracy and control. This chipper is great value for money, as I’ve tried a few more expensive ones, and they are no better for a complete novice like me.”


Things to consider when buying a golf chipper


It’s important to have a few guidelines before making any purchases, as this ensures that the golf chipper you choose provides the value you’re looking for.


#1 – Durability 

Investing in a poor-quality chipper will do you no favours. It will hinder your progress and mean you must spend more money in the long run by purchasing a better club.

Quality materials to look out for include:

  • steel
  • steel alloy
  • stainless steel
  • graphite

Chippers with graphite shafts are typically better for beginners as they are lightweight and easier to control whilst still being manufactured from quality materials.


#2 – Grip

You should ultimately go for the type of grip that feels most comfortable to you when chipping and putting. This is either hard or soft.

One thing to bear in mind is that chippers with a flat side on the grip can be classed as illegal in tournaments. So, unless you’re a beginner who doesn’t need to adhere to these rules, you may want to ensure the grip is the same as that of an iron.

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#3 – Loft 

Lofts vary quite a bit, but there are two main ranges they sit within on the best golf chippers:

  • 35-45 degree
  • 55-60 degree

Your best bet is to choose the loft based on what you’re looking to get out of your chipper. The lower range is better for flying the ball lower and working on shot consistency, while the higher range helps more with pitching.

If you’re looking for help with shots closer to the green, we’d suggest something within the 35–45 degree range.

However, if you’re looking for a chipper than can comfortably hit the ball out of sand bunkers and land it softer on the green, a loft of 55+ will be more beneficial to your game.


#4 – Orientation

If you’re looking for the best golf chipper to use within tournaments, it’s good to steer clear of two-sided chippers.

They’re illegal to use within this setting, so you would be better off opting for a quality one-sided chipper, such as the Wilson Golf pro chipper.

However, if you’re merely looking to enhance your practice out on the green, a versatile chipper like the MYKUJA two-way chipper would be ideal.


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