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Man from West Byfleet drives away in £20,000 Subaru after hole-in-one in local golf day!

Profile: Name: Martin Coward Age: 66 Occupation: Retired Club: Drift Golf Club Event: Club Captain’s Day Golf club used: 4 Iron Handicap: 11 Are you a member at Drift? Yes, 30 years there this month. How often do you play?               Usually 3 times per week. Tell us a little bit about Club Captains Day? As […]

Golf in the USA

Golf in the USA

Golf is part of the fabric of sporting life in the USA. The first evidence of the game being played in the country comes from 1659, the US is home to three of the four Major championships, the world’s richest professional tour and many of the very best and most famous golf courses on earth. […]

Golf Care Survey 2014

The results are in from Golf Care – With the UK’s largest annual golfing survey The leading UK Golf Insurance provider posed the questions and got a huge response! Having again carried out one of the most comprehensive golf surveys undertaken in the UK, we’re delighted to bring you our latest set of results. Golf […]

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