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Ryder Cup Trivia!

As we build up to what promises to be an enthralling contest between many of the best golfers in the world right now, we’ve brought you ten things you may not have known about the Ryder Cup. The competition was the creation of Samuel Ryder, a wealthy English merchant. Ryder travelled with the team to […]

Is ‘Fore!’ being forgotten?

Is 'Fore!' being forgotten?

History Apparently ‘fore’ comes from the ship’s jargon for ‘ahead’ (fore and aft). Shouting ‘fore’ is basically a simpler way of yelling ‘watch out ahead’. It allows your fellow golfers to be pre-warned that there is possibly a ball hurtling toward their direction. It is and has become over time the norm, part of the […]

A brief history of golf

A brief history of golf

Song Dynasty Chinese and the medieval Dutch played “golf-like” games, but “golf” originated in Scotland. The first written evidence comes from a 1457 Act of Scottish parliament, prohibiting the people from playing “gowf” instead of practising archery.   Golf has always been a compulsive distraction, and one that can cause participants to lose their heads […]

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