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Man from West Byfleet drives away in £20,000 Subaru after hole-in-one in local golf day!

Profile: Name: Martin Coward Age: 66 Occupation: Retired Club: Drift Golf Club Event: Club Captain’s Day Golf club used: 4 Iron Handicap: 11 Are you a member at Drift? Yes, 30 years there this month. How often do you play?               Usually 3 times per week. Tell us a little bit about Club Captains Day? As […]

Ryder Cup Trivia!

As we build up to what promises to be an enthralling contest between many of the best golfers in the world right now, we’ve brought you ten things you may not have known about the Ryder Cup. The competition was the creation of Samuel Ryder, a wealthy English merchant. Ryder travelled with the team to […]

A Guide To The Best Drivers

A Guide To The Best Drivers

There have been huge technological advances in golf equipment over the past few decades and the evolution of the driver displays this visually. From the steel-shafted, small persimmon-headed 1-woods of the mid 1980s to the huge, titanium-headed, graphite-shafted drivers of the 2010s; the leap forward has been significant. But it’s not just been about aesthetics; […]

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