Golf insurance checklist

Your checklist for choosing the right cover

When it comes to choosing the best golf insurance cover for you, there are lots of things to consider. To help you out, here are the main things to look for when choosing your cover.

The value of your golf equipment

golfcare equipment cover

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Add up the total cost of all your golf gear and choose a policy that covers your gear up to that value. With Golf Care you can cover golf gear starting from up to £1,250 in value, all the way up to £5,000 in value.

Hole-in-one cover

golfcare hole in one insurance

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Whilst all golfers want the acclaim that comes with landing a hole-in-one, no-one wants to get stung with the huge bar bill afterwards. With Golf Care insurance we’ll reimburse the cost of the drinks bar bill up to £200 if you do strike lucky, which we’re sure you’ll agree would make hitting a hole-in-one all the more enjoyable.

Playing golf abroad

golfcare worldwide cover

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If you’re jetting off to the Algarve for a golfing holiday or planning on squeezing in a few rounds on your family getaway, then you'll need to be covered abroad. The good news is that with Gold and Platinum Golf Care policies, European and Worldwide cover is included. Alternatively you can add it as an optional extra to all policies for just £10 per year.

Replacing your clubs on a New-for-Old basis

Not all insurance companies will replace your golf gear on a New-for-Old basis. With Golf Care if any of your gear (up to 3 years old) is stolen, lost or damaged, we'll replace it with a completely new one.

Home insurance won’t always cover your clubs

Unless you’ve added 'away from home cover' to your home insurance, your golf equipment won’t be covered if it's stolen, lost or damaged whilst out of the house. And that’s not forgetting specialist golf insurance also comes with lots of bespoke extras that golfers need, including Public Liability cover Read the story of the golfer who was sued for £397,000 after a mis-hit.

Policy excesses

Not everyone reads the small print on insurance documents and that can catch us out when it comes to claims. With Golf Care we’ve made sure our excesses are minimal and even better we also offer the option to waive the excess for the small price of just £6 per year.

Comparing our cover? We also offer a Lowest Price Guarantee

At Golf Care, we like to think we offer the best golf insurance on the market and offer the best golf insurance deals. On top of that we will not be beaten on price. When you're looking at golf insurance comparison sites, if you happen to find a cheaper golf insurance policy elsewhere then we’ll refund the difference.