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It doesn’t matter if you’re a single figure golfer or you play off 36, everyone has a bad-day on the golf course. If that sliced drive or wayward iron causes damage to someone else’s property you are liable for the damage and therefore the cost to repair the damage. It could be an expensive day on the golf course if you smash a window, hit a car or do some more serious damage to someone’s property. As a golfer you run that risk every time you step onto the course.

It is a sensible move to ensure you have adequate insurance cover to protect you from bad luck or poor form while you are out playing golf. A Golf Care insurance policy offers all golfers specialist protection against causing accidental damage to third party property while out playing golf, something which many household policies fail to cover. With a Golf Care specialist golf insurance policy you are covered for up to £2,500 worth of accidental damage to third party property giving you peace of mind protection for even the most costly accidents.

Should you choose a Golf Care ‘Gold’ or ‘Platinum’ policy your insurance cover will also cover you whilst playing golf abroad. If you do not require the high levels of cover provided by our ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ premium policies you can select a ‘Bronze’ or ‘Silver’ policy and pay a £10 upgrade fee to cover you whilst playing golf on holiday anywhere in the world.

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