Golfers Personal Effects Insurance

Although most people have some form of household insurance to cover their personal effects, most policies do not cover personal items that are stolen or damaged off home premises, such as when you’re travelling abroad. This means that if your personal effects are damaged or stolen while you’re playing golf in a foreign country, you won’t be able to claim for them on your household insurance, and will be liable for the financial cost of replacing them.

In recent years, golfing holidays abroad have become increasingly popular, and unfortunately the more travel, especially by air, the more likely damage can occur. What’s more, often travel insurance does not cover theft or damage of personal effects while you’re engaged in a sporting activity, therefore a specialised personal effects insurance policy could prove crucial.

How Golf Care can help

Golf Care offers specially tailored personal effects insurance policies to cover the theft or damage of your personal equipment from any recognised golf club, course, or driving range. If you’re unlucky enough to experience misfortune while playing golf, our insurance policy means you’ll be covered financially, and we will reimburse you for up to £250 towards the replacement of your personal effects.

Personal effects cover is applicable to our Gold and Platinum policies. Our gold insurance policy covers golf play in any country in the European Union, while our platinum policy covers you for any country in the world. These policies also include extensive golf club and equipment insurance.

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