Top Tips For Networking On The Golf Course


  Everyone knows that successful business relationships are not simply developed in the meeting room. More often than not, they are nurtured through less formal situations such as in the pub, social events or increasingly, on the golf course. If you’re thinking of networking on the golf course or if you’ve been invited to a…

5 UK Golf Blogs You SHOULD Be Reading


  Want to keep up with the latest news and opinions on golf, but fancy a different voice from the mainstream golfing media? Then blogs are a great place to start. Unlike the US, the UK does not have an over-abundance of golf bloggers. What we lack in quantity, we make up for in quality…

Golf Care Infographic – Social

For plenty of golfers, the 19th hole is the one they look forward to the most. A chance to relax, discuss the day’s game and enjoy a nice cold drink. But exactly how sociable are the UK’s amateur golfers?

Golf Care Infographic – Honesty

Do you consider yourself an honest golfer? One that would never give themselves a better lie when no-one is looking, or suddenly ‘find’ their ball after it’s lost in the tangled undergrowth? You might not, but it depends on everyone else. How honest are the UK’s amateur golfers?

How To Tweak Your Golf Game For Winter

golf game

Thinking of how to tweak your golf game for the winter months? This post will tackle what you can do to improve your skills when the temperature drops. Via Snow – the one thing all golfers dread. Now that the winter season is fast approaching, many golfers worry that they won’t be able to…

Why Is Winter Golf Equipment So Important?

Winter Golf

  Golf in winter is not for the faint of heart. The weather is often horrible; visibility is impaired and the golf course itself? Well, let’s just say that conditions can be challenging. But no matter what the weather is doing, there are plenty of people who defy the elements to practise the game they…