Top tips for keeping your cool on the golf course

Golf Care, 30th June 2015

So, you’re having a bad day on the golf course and EVERYTHING is going wrong. You’ve brought the wrong clubs, you’ve forgotten your lucky ball and you seem to have a gravitational pull towards bunkers all day… hey it happens. But losing your cool on the green is a sure-fire way to really annoy your mates, or potentially get banned from the course if you decide to take your frustrations out on the golf buggy, grass or clubhouse!

Either way, no one needs to get angry on the golf course, so with this in mind we’ve created a few tips to help you keep your cool whilst your handicap is skyrocketing.

Slow down

Start slowing your game down a little bit. Maybe there are people behind you waiting for their turn or maybe your friends are rushing you. Let them wait! Slow your game down and you won’t get as frustrated. Enjoy the day. You’re on a golf course not at work!

Slow your swing down

Concentrate on slowing your swing down a little bit as this can really help your shot. Try for accuracy rather than power.  And breathe!

3 practice swings

3 practice swings before you take the shot really help your muscles to prepare. The more prepared your body is, the less you’re likely to make a bad shot. Stand back, take three practice shots and let her fly!

Visualise the shot as you approach your ball

Get your head in the game by visualising your next shot as you approach the ball on the fairway. This will help you calm down and let you focus on your next move. Forget about what’s happening around you, just focus on the task at hand.

Don’t get annoyed at nature

It might be raining, it might be windy there might be seagulls stealing your balls! Either way, there’s nothing you can do about it so just relax and let it happen. Yes adjust your shots accordingly but remember, a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work!

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