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The Best Golf Balls On The Market

Golf Care, 4th June 2020

best golf balls

With all the big gear arriving periodically every season – the flash drivers, sparkling irons and game-changing putters – new golf balls sometimes escape our attention. However, as a golf ball is the one piece of equipment you use on every shot, playing with the right model is essential.

Below are some of the best golf balls on the market in 2020. The terminology can get a little mind boggling at times, so we recommend speaking to your pro. In the meantime, let’s look at some of the latest models…


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Z-Star & Z-Star XV

SeRM (Slide Ring Material) may sound a bit of a mouthful, but we’re talking about greater spin. A softer cover than previous generations digs into clubhead grooves to generate more greenside and approach control.

Other features and benefits associated with this ball include aerodynamic improvements for greater flight, a new FastLayer core for a softer feel and increased speed. Golfers should also find that these balls are resistant to scratches and wear.


Srixon AD333 Tour

How will an extra 14 dimples affect performance (338 compared to 324 on the previous model)?

Well, Srixon says it creates a longer and more stable flight, while reduced compression (75 to 72) should generate extra yards off the tee for those golfers with slower swing speeds.

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Titleist Pro V1 & Titleist Pro V1x

Last year, the #1 ball in golf arrived in shops having undergone a pretty significant rebuild. The focus for Titleist was to increase long-game performance without impacting its short game qualities.

To do this, the casing layer below the cover has been thickened, whilst the cast urethane elastomer cover has been made thinner. The result? Greater ball speed and more long-game spin for greater distance.

Titleist AVX

Like the Titleist’s Pro V1 and V1x, the new AVX is also designed to offer all-round performance from tee to green. Of the three models, it offers the lowest spin and launch, and the softest feel.


Titleist Tour Soft

This model features the largest core ever produced by Titleist, which helps generate longer distance. It means a thinner cover, which generates increased short game spin. Meanwhile, the Tour Soft “T” sidestamp offers users alignment assistance.


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TP5, TP5x, TP5 Pix

TaylorMade’s premium offering features a new ‘high-flex’ material. Its Tri-Fast core consists of an extra-large inner core, wrapped in increasingly stiffer materials, which helps generate more speed.

Meanwhile, the brand-new TP5 Pix model features ClearPath alignment. The 12 pixelated, triangle-shaped graphics provide immediate feedback as to how the ball is rolling. Rickie Fowler played a significant role in shaping its design – and he’s not a bad putter, is he?


TaylorMade Tour Response

High performance at a lower price – sounds good, right? ‘Easy to play, easier to afford’ is the strapline TaylorMade uses to describe this new three-piece model.

Its ultra-low 40 compression core should offer a softer feel, while maximising energy transfer at impact for more distance.


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Callaway Chrome Soft & Callaway Chrome Soft X

The latest generation Chrome Soft balls have been designed with a larger core, which helps produce a higher launch and lower spin.

Meanwhile, the thinner, firmer outer core offers enhanced durability and wedge spin.

In addition, a new High-Speed Mantle System with a new proprietary Ionomer blend helps create more efficient energy and faster ball speeds.


Callaway ERC Soft

Callaway’s extensive line-up of balls includes a new model named after its founder, Ely Reeves Callaway. This is the brand’s longest golf ball with soft feel, based on robot testing.

The multi-material cover creates faster ball speeds for longer distances, soft feel, and higher spin for improved control around the green. Meanwhile, “Triple Track Technology” helps improve alignment and accuracy.


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RB Tour & RB Tour X

In 2019, Mizuno – renowned for its eye-catching and high-performing irons – released two premium golf balls.

Its Cone Profile Dimple (C-Simple) creates more trigger points to keep fast-flowing air close to the ball’s surface, which reduces drag. In addition, its high-traction urethane cover is designed to improve greenside performance.

Wilson Staff


Duo Professional

Here’s one to try if you’re on a stricter budget when it comes to reloading the golf bag. It was launched as the world’s softest three -piece urethane ball, offering superb feel.

Not only that, it comes in a range of matte colour ways, including green and orange. These are not to everyone’s taste, sure, but a ball that’s easier to find has its plus points.

Also worth trying…


Volvik Vivid

You may have seen one of these glowing in the rough during winter. We have Volvik to thank for matte-finished balls – but are they just a gimmick?

The reviews tend to suggest otherwise. It’s become a popular choice for those with slower swing speeds. 

Next time you’re down the club, grab a word with your teaching pro, who can advise on what model will help your game – and why. A 30-minute ball fitting might not sound as riveting as getting properly kitted out for new irons, but it can have a dramatic impact on your game.

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