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The 9 Best Golf Drivers For Women In 2021

Golf Care, 18th September 2021

golf drivers for women

Technology is constantly evolving, so there’s always a good reason to invest in a new driver. And that’s what it is: an investment. True, some of the models below might not be considered ‘wallet-friendly’, but can you really put a price on finding more fairways and shooting lower scores?

Whatever you’re after – whether it’s more distance off the tee, more forgiveness for when you’re not striking it consistently out of the middle, or a combination of the two – there’s a model out there that’ll suit your swing.

To help you narrow down your search, we select the best nine golf drivers for women.


1. Titleist TS1 Women’s Driver, RRP £499.00

golf drivers for women

The TS1 will suit women with moderate swing speeds of approximately 85mph and below. Firstly, it’s light at just 275 grams, which is 45 grams lighter than the TS2.

Combined with a more aerodynamic design, which reduces drag, golfers should find this driver remarkably easy to swing fast.

So, if you’re averaging approximately 220 yards or less off the tee, this club, which features 16 independent loft and lie settings, could prove a real game-changer.


2. TaylorMade SIM2 Max Women’s Driver, RRP £449.00

golf drivers for women

Following on from the popular SIM Max, this latest model benefits from a new Forged Ring Construction, which can be seen on the back of the head.

Its purpose is to improve the stability of the club by uniting a large rear weight, full carbon crown and sole, and new milled back cup face. As such, TaylorMade says it’s the brand’s most forgiving driver.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer’s Speed injected Twist Face remains, and means users benefit from good distance even when they don’t find the centre of the clubface.

Thanks to a re-engineered Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, which wraps around the front part of the sole, players also get help with those strikes that come low off the face.


3. Cobra Radspeed XB Women’s Driver, RRP £369.00

golf drivers for women

Designed for speed, distance, and forgiveness, the XB (Extreme Back) is part of the brand’s Xtreme range of Radspeed drivers with rear-biased Radial Weighting. The bottom line is that it helps to deliver the fastest and straightest ball flight of all the models.

Not everyone will be into the pink accents (they’re yellow on the normal version), but it’s certainly one of the most forgiving women’s drivers on the market – and it’s long.


4. Mizuno ST200X Women’s Driver, RRP £349.99

The ST200X head has its own unique shape, additional heel weight, and upright lie angle.

These features encourage a higher draw ball flight, so this driver is designed for players who suffer with a distance-sapping fade, or a launch too slow for their ball speed.

It’ll suit those with mid-to-low swing speeds, and it offers maximum forgiveness thanks to the weight savings from a compacted Wave sole and variable thickness graphite crown.


5. Ping G Le 2 Women’s Driver, RRP £349.00

The second generation of the women’s G Le range sees the arrival of a fantastic new driver, one that ticks a lot of boxes.

It features an adjustable, eight-position hosel to allow the user to alter loft, and there are three different settings for the lie of the club. Given Ping’s vast custom fitting options, anyone opting for this model knows their driver will be dialled in for that optimum fit.

Its aerodynamic shape is designed to promote faster clubhead speed, whilst heel-biased weighting helps with right-to-left spin, encouraging a straighter ball flight.


6. Yonex Ezone GS Women’s Driver, RRP £349.00

golf drivers for women

Yonex is probably a brand that slips under the radar when it comes to golf equipment, although the manufacturer does produce some excellent gear.

Titanium precision casting in the body and open weave graphite construction manufacturing in the crown combine to help produce a driver that feels easy to swing.

Utilising an ultra-thin blade, face, and sole construction for explosive ball speeds off the face, the graphite cavity also enhances feel on each strike.

The end result? A consistent, forgiving driver that should help you to find more fairways and shoot lower scores.


7. Wilson Staff D9 Women’s Driver, RRP £329.00

golf drivers for women

Wilson Staff simulated hundreds of different face geometries to create a women’s driver that optimised female-specific swing characteristics and delivered great speed, even on off-centre strikes.

The manufacturer, perhaps better known for its irons, has also divided the face into fractal zones. Each one has been individually tuned for maximum distance, which is named the ‘Peak Kinetic Face’.

With stunning aesthetics and an attractive price tag, this is sure to be a popular model.


8. Callaway Big Bertha Reva 21 Women’s Driver, RRP £469.00

Callaway has been at the forefront of innovation for many years, and female golfers will be delighted to see all this come together to create a superb driver.

The price may deter some players, but this is one feature-packed model. It’s been designed to launch the ball high to maximise carry. At the same time, a low, forward CG has reduced spin, which will also give shots more roll.

In addition, Callaway’s A.I. designed Flash Face helps produce impressive ball speeds off the face, even when players don’t find the centre.

For anyone struggling with a slice, there’s internal heel weighting, too, which gives the driver a substantial draw bias.

To summarise, there’s a lot to like about Reva, including how it looks in the bag and, more importantly, behind the ball.


9. Lynx Crystal Women’s Driver, RRP £149.00

The fully adjustable Lynx Crystal driver is well worth considering if you’re in the market for a new big stick.

It’s technology-packed and it stacks up well against premium models, coming in at a significantly lower price.

Some may feel it lacks the premium looks compared to other models on the list. But with its confidence-inspiring head, and the brand’s Effective Energy Transfer system, which disperses energy effectively across the hitting area for greater forgiveness on mishits, there’s a lot to like about the Crystal.


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