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The 5 best golf stand bags on the market

Golf Care, 11th July 2022

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Carrying a golf stand bag can be a burden if it is poorly designed.

Not only can its weight slow you down, but limited storage space could mean carting an extra bag around the course with you. Or a lack of extra padding on the shoulder straps could leave you in pain the following day.

Your gear could even become damaged or lost if it isn’t secured within a good quality bag. This includes your clubs and valuables such as your keys or smartphone.

Here you’ll find the best golf stand bags on the market, from high-end products to more budget-friendly options, so you and your gear can remain in top shape.


1. BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Tour, £219.90

dri lite golf stand bag in light blue

Key features:

  • 14-way divider top 
  • Waterproof design 
  • Available in six different colours

A Golf Monthly’s Editor’s Choice product is kicking off our list, which sets the tone for the standard we look for when making recommendations.

Not only does it offer plenty of storage, but it will also keep your gear dry, thanks to the 100% waterproof material and sealed zippers.

There are five different pockets, one of which is an integrated cooler pocket, meaning you can keep your food and drinks cold when on the go. This is particularly useful during the warmer season.

If you hope to take advantage of its hybrid design, you’ll be pleased to know the trolley-compatible bottom will keep the bag perfectly square during transit. The bag only weighs just over 4lbs, so when you need to carry it by hand, you won’t be overly exerted.

Aesthetics are an important factor to many golfers, and this bag comes in a modern, sleek design. It’s also available in six different colours, so you can customise your purchase to ensure it matches the rest of your gear.

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2. Wilson Prostaff Golf Stand Bag, £79.99 (RRP £119.99)

Key features:

  • Four-way divider top
  • Lightweight design 
  • Rain hood 

Despite its low price, this product offers many of the same features seen in high-end models.

If comfort and endurance are your priorities, we’d recommend taking a closer look. Not only is it super lightweight weighing only 4lbs, but it also comes with an ergonomic double strap for a comfortable fit.

Aside from the club storage compartment divided into four sections, there are multiple pockets for storing the rest of your gear. These include:

  • full-length garment pocket
  • valuables pouch
  • insulated drinks pocket
  • four accessory pockets

There’s also an umbrella holder, Velcro glove patch, and a towel ring, demonstrating the attention to detail that has gone into the design of this budget-friendly option.

One of the best cheap golf stand bags on the market, the only downside to this product is that it isn’t fully waterproof. However, it comes with a rain hood, which may suffice if you tend to plan your rounds according to the weather forecast.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, the Wilson Staff waterproof golf stand bag offers similar features whilst keeping your gear dry.  

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3. PING Hoofer Lite Golf Stand Bag, £139.99 (RRP £185)

PING hoofer lite golf stand bag

Key features:

  • Five-way divider top
  • Customisable ball pocket
  • Convertible shoulder straps 

Weighing just 5lbs, the PING Hoofer Lite is 0.5lbs lighter than the original, so you’ll benefit from increased endurance during your games if you opt for this model.

You’d struggle to find a more organised golf stand bag, as it comes with multiple pockets that are spacious and specially designed to cater to every golfer’s storage needs. There’s a full-length apparel pocket for storing a change of clothes, a secure pouch for valuables, and even a customisable golf ball pocket.

Its design is stylish yet innovative for those who want their golf stand bag to prioritise comfort. The double shoulder straps can be converted for single-strap use, and there’s a cart-strap channel included as part of this model’s design—so transporting this bag is easier than ever.

Other useful features include:

  • glove attachment
  • towel clip
  • umbrella loop
  • built-in lift assist

As you can see, this is one of the best golf stand bags in terms of the range of features it offers.

However, the one downside to this product is that it isn’t waterproof—but if this is a deal-breaker, you could opt for the PING Hoofer monsoon for a slightly higher price.

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4. Titleist Players 4 StaDry waterproof golf stand bag, £219

Titleist players golf stand bag

Key features:

  • Four-way divider
  • Waterproof design
  • Available in seven different colours

The clue is in the name, this golf stand bag from Titleist is fully waterproof thanks to the StaDry Waterproof construction and its seam-sealed zippers for added protection against moisture.

Despite its waterproof capabilities, it still weighs only 3.8lbs and is the lightest golf stand bag on our list. So, if you’re planning on carrying it by hand, you needn’t worry about it being too much of a burden.

In terms of design, the bag is sleek and has a premium, classic feel. It comes in seven different colour options, each with the stylish Titleist logo emblazoned on the side, so you can customise your purchase to match the rest of your gear.

The stand is of a brilliant quality thanks so its high-grade aluminium legs and hinged bottom, so you shouldn’t have any issues with stability.

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5. MacGregor Hybrid Golf Stand Bag, £108

Macgregor hybrid golf stand bag

Key features:

  • 14-way divider top 
  • 11 pockets in total 
  • Fully hybrid design

This is hands down one of the best cheap golf stand bags available due to its expansive range of features.

The 14-way divider top provides a designated space for each of your clubs, which is a nice addition for those who like to be extra organised.

There are also 11 pockets, including those specially designed for mobile phones, valuables, and even scorecards. This shows the thought that has really gone into its design.

MacGregor has developed this bag to be fully hybrid so that you can easily transport it manually or via a cart or trolley. They also incorporated anti-slip fabric into its design, which helps to protect it and keep it in place during transportation.

While it’s not fully waterproof, it comes with a quick-fixing hood to protect your gear during random bouts of rain.

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What to look for in a golf stand bag 

1. Comfort

You’re going to be carrying this bag for a while. The average 18-hole round of golf takes four and a half hours, so you don’t want to choose a bag that will wear you down.

Look out for bags with padded straps and ensure the harness can be adjusted to the right size for your frame. An ill-fitting golf bag can cause more trouble than one with limited padding.

Some bags even come with padding around the hips and back. So, if you’re currently looking to replace a bag that’s not up to scratch in terms of comfort, this feature should be a priority.


2. Weight

Leading on from comfort, weight certainly matters if you’re going to be wearing the bag for an extended period.

While you’ll mainly use the stand during the round, a heavy bag will quickly become a burden when moving between holes, not to mention the walk back to the car park after a heavy round.

Keep a tab on the weight of the golf bags you’re considering, and opt for a lightweight model if you cannot attach it to a trolley or cart.


3. Storage capacity

If you’re looking for a bag you can use to store away all your golf gear, it goes without saying that you should choose a product with a decent storage capacity.

Some bags come with more pockets than others and even have those specially designed to hold valuables or different forms of equipment.


4. Quality 

Perhaps one of the most important factors to look for in a golf stand bag is the quality of its design.

Since the golf equipment market is saturated with knockoff products, it’s easy to fall into the trap of what you think is a good bargain.

We’d recommend scouring the review section of any product you’re considering and seeing what other customers say about its quality.

It’s also worth steering clear of cheap knockoffs and opting for a well-known brand or one that appears reliable through an abundance of good reviews.


5. Waterproof 

Let’s face it, golfing in the UK has a significant risk of getting caught in the rain.

If you’re concerned that this could damage your gear or, at the very least, inconvenience you, it may be best to opt for a waterproof golf stand bag.

We’ve included a few high-quality options in our list, and we’d recommend spending the extra money if you want to keep your equipment safe and dry.


Specialist golf insurance with Golf Care 

To protect your investment in a new golf stand bag, you may want to protect it through specialist golf insurance along with the rest of your gear.

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