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Category: Health

The Best Shoulder Exercises To Improve Your Golf Game

golf shoulder exercises

A ‘good shoulder turn’. It’s a term we often hear in relation to the golf swing. However, it’s not the shoulders doing the turning – rather, it’s the upper body that turns, and the ‘shoulders come along for the ride’. That’s how strength and conditioning coach, Jamie Greaves, views it, although that’s not to underestimate […]

Hip Strengthening Exercises For Golf

hip strengthening exercises for golf

If there’s one thing we’d all like to have more of, it’s extra yards – perhaps as much as an extra 20 or 30, especially off the tee.   Well, it’s very much achievable – and you don’t necessarily have to fork out hundreds of pounds on the latest driver, drastically change your swing, or put […]

The Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

health benefits of golf

There are several health benefits of playing golf, from both a physical and mental perspective. People of all ages enjoy better all-round health from playing the sport, according to recent research from The University Of Edinburgh which reviewed 5,000 studies in golf. This research found that golfers typically burn a minimum of 500 calories per […]