Summary of Insurance

Details of our Cover

Here’s where you’ll find all the details of our golf insurance. Click below to view what’s included in each level of cover.

This will cover your golf equipment in the event that it is stolen, lost or damaged whilst playing golf, including travelling to and from the golfing venue. Golf Equipment includes your golf clubs, balls, bag, golf trolley, golf cart, clothing, GPS devices and watches, and any accessories specifically designed and purchased for playing golf. Golf Equipment insurance also includes baggage and personal possessions and trophies on our Gold and Platinum policies. It doesn't however include golf buggies.

Your equipment including your golf clubs will be replaced on a ‘New-for-Old’ basis for items purchased new and up to three years old, subject to satisfactory proof of ownership.

Items which are older than three years or not purchased new will be replaced on the indemnity value of that equipment at the time of loss or damage.

You can extend the standard ‘New-for-Old' for 3 years cover to be for the life of your equipment. This means that if you ever needed to make a claim you’d receive new equipment at your original purchase price, regardless of its age. If you require ‘New-for-Old for Life' then simply select this as an ‘Optional Extra’ from the policy options page.

An excess of £50 applies to Golf Equipment, Personal Possessions and Loss of Golfing Trophies, but this can be waived if the Excess Waiver option is selected.

The following Single Article Limits apply to our policies in respect of Golf Equipment:

  • Bronze - £200
  • Silver - £200
  • Gold - £500
  • Platinum - £1,500

Ride-on Golf Buggy insurance can be purchased separately – have a look at the options now. The excess on Golf Buggy insurance is £150 and will remain even if the Excess Waiver option is selected.

Golf Liability insurance protects your legal position if you cause any damage to property or injure another person whilst playing golf. No policy excess applies.

If you're unfortunate enough to sustain a serious injury on the golf course, you may be compensated. No policy excess applies.

Cover for any loss or damage to the property of others that you may have caused accidentally whilst playing golf. No policy excess applies.

Hole-in-One insurance means your clubhouse drinks bar-bill will be paid in the event that a hole-in-one is achieved during a 9 or 18-hole club or medal competition. No policy excess applies.

Theft or damage of Personal Possessions. An excess of £50 applies, but this can be waived if the ‘Excess Waiver’ option is selected.

If you sustain a serious injury on the golf course, you will be compensated if you are admitted to hospital as an in-patient for a period over 24 hours. This must be on the recommendation of a Medical Practitioner or a doctor attached to the hospital. This benefit will stop either at the end of 25 days or when you're discharged from hospital, whichever happens first. An excess of 24 hours applies.

Following an accident whist playing golf, your dental treatment is covered. An excess of £50 applies to Dental Treatment, but this can be waived if the ‘Excess Waiver’ option is selected.

The cost of hiring golf equipment will be covered if you lose or have your clubs stolen.

Reimbursement of club subscription if a golf accident renders you unable to play. An excess of 90 days applies.

Where you have paid an entry fee for a recognised golfing competition and you have to cancel your attendance due to sickness or injury up to 14 days immediately prior to the event start date, we will pay any portion of the entry fee that is unused and deemed to be irrecoverable from the event organisers up to £250. This section shall only apply in the event of you being unable to play golf and therefore attend the golfing competition.

Golf insurance can be extended to include cover outside of the UK. This is available as an optional extra or as part of our Platinum policy. Please note though that you must be a permanent resident of Great Britain, The Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and The Channel Islands.

An excess of £50 applies to Golf Equipment, Personal Possessions, Loss of Golfing Trophies and Dental Treatment but this can be waived for an additional £7 per year if you choose this option from the optional extras section when you’re buying your policy. The following excesses will however still remain; Golf Buggy equipment at £150, Hospitalisation at 24 hours and Loss of Club Subscription at 90 days.

Important Documents

To review, download or print the full details of our cover and Terms of Business; visit our Important Documents page.

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