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How To Hit A Draw In 5 Quick Steps

Golf Care, 26th August 2020

It’s the shot everyone wants to hit: that controlled right-to-left shot shape (for right handers). Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it helps you eek out a few extra yards.

A soft fade is the safe and preferred shape for many of the world’s best players, yet so many of us crave a draw. It just tends to get more appreciation from your playing partners.

If you want to add another string to your bow with a ‘baby draw’, you need to learn how to manipulate the clubface and path.

We speak to Keith Williams, PGA Master Professional and Head Professional at Hawkstone Park Golf Club, who offers his advice on how to hit a draw…

1. Alignment – aim right

Even though the plan is to curve the ball from right to left, you want to pick a point on the right and align yourself with this.

It might be a fairway bunker, or a spot even further right, depending on how much you want to shape it.

Make sure your feet, hips and shoulders are aligned with this point. When you hear about setting your body up ‘closed’, this is what it means.

2. Club face position

The clubface has a greater influence on how the ball reacts compared to swing path.

Let’s say you aim your body five degrees right to create a five-degree path and then aim the clubface to the target (now five degrees closed to the intended path). All things being equal, at impact the ball would miss the target well to the left – which is a hook.

Therefore, you should be looking to aim the clubface somewhere between the aim line and target.

So, it can be trial and error in terms of guaranteeing how much draw a player can hit.

The bottom line is… the path must be to the right of the target and the face slightly left of the path. The bigger the gap/differential between the two, then the more the ball will curve.

One other option – if you’re struggling to find that in-to-out path and slightly closed clubface relationship – is to adopt a stronger grip.

3. Inside-out swing path

A draw requires your club to follow the line of your body. This means your follow through will head right of the target.

This can be hard to get your head around, but you need to trust how your body and clubface setup will impart the necessary curve on the ball.

The inside-out swing path will create the draw spin.

4. Swing smooth

Finish your swing with approximately 90% of your weight on the lead side; chest out; right shoulder pointing towards the target. You should be able to hold your pose and admire your own efforts.

It’s important to focus on swinging it smoothly. A draw is naturally going to give you extra yards, so there’s no need to try and take the skin off the ball.

Give it a go and take on those pins tucked away on the left.

5. Watch how to hit a draw

So, it’s as easy as that. Confused?

Watch this video on how to hit a draw courtesy of Ged Walters and Golf Monthly.

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