Golf Equipment Insurance

Why do I need golf equipment insurance?

Golf Equipment Insurance

As a golfer, your golf clubs are your pride and joy - you will have spent a lot of time, care and not to mention money making sure you have the clubs and accessories to suit your game.

Unfortunately, millions of pounds of golf clubs are stolen every year in the UK alone. Furthermore, it's also becoming increasingly common for golf clubs to be damaged or lost when playing on the golf course or travelling abroad for a golfing holiday.

However, many household insurance policies won’t cover equipment such as golf clubs and accessories away from the home. So, if your golf clubs are stolen, lost, or damaged while you’re out and about, you won't be covered.

This is why you need specialist golf equipment insurance - to ensure you receive compensation if you're a victim of theft, loss, or damage.

What does golf equipment insurance cover?

Our golf equipment insurance covers your clubs, bags and accessories* against loss, theft, and damage, provided you’re either playing golf, or travelling to or from the golfing venue at the time of the incident.

Our golf club insurance is split into four levels according to your equipment value, and the countries in which you want to be covered.

  • Our Bronze policy covers golf equipment up to the value of £1,500 when playing in the UK
  • Our Silver policy covers golf equipment up to the value of £2,000 when playing in the UK
  • Our Gold policy covers golf equipment up to the value of £3,500 when playing anywhere in Europe
  • Our Platinum policy covers golf equipment up to the value of £7,500 when playing anywhere in the world.
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Why Choose Golf Care’s golf equipment insurance?

No matter which policy you choose, we’ll replace your clubs on a ‘New-for-Old’ basis if they were purchased new and are up to three years old, subject to satisfactory proof of ownership.

Items which are older than three years or not purchased new will be replaced on the indemnity value of that equipment at the time of loss or damage.

If you're an amateur golfer looking for golf equipment cover, get an instant online quote here.

Please note this cover is only in effect whilst playing golf, including travelling to and from the golfing venue and, during this time, cover includes theft from a vehicle between 8.00am to 10.00pm. The vehicle must be fully secured, and the equipment out of sight in either a locked boot, covered luggage area or van with a secure bulkhead with no access between the cab and the back of the van.

* Golf Equipment includes your clubs, balls, bags, trolleys, carts, clothing, GPS devices and GPS watches, and other accessories purchased for playing golf.

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