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Bernard Gallacher

As a 3-time Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher is one of the most highly-respected names in golf and we’re proud that he has chosen to partner with us to educate golfers about the need for specialist golf insurance.

Bernard Gallacher is recognised for his professionalism and reassuring nature and Bernard himself feels very strongly about his fellow golfers need for insurance:

I have been involved in golf for more than 40 years as a tour player, PGA Professional, Golf Club Captain, Ryder Cup Captain and commentator, and I have witnessed an awful lot of things on a golf course, I can tell you. Mishaps and accidents can happen to anyone and it's quite frightening to imagine that your next shot could cost you a fortune.

He recounts a time he himself has fallen foul of the dangers back at The Belfry in the early 90s:

I remember being struck on the knee in the Benson & Hedges at the Belfry in the early 90s. It took me out of the tournament and I was unable to play for a few weeks. It just goes to show that no matter how good a golfer you are, the golf course can be a dangerous place."

Bernard Gallacher urges all golfers to consider getting specialist insurance:

I found it really interesting to hear that around nine out of ten golfers aren't properly insured for golf. All golfers regardless of age or ability should seriously consider taking out specialist golf insurance to make sure they are properly covered every time they step on the tee."

Bernard Gallacher explains the need for insurance

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