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7 Common Risks On The Golf Course And How To Avoid Them

Michael Weston, 25th April 2019

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Every golfer is faced with a number of common risks as soon as they step onto the tee, and it’s good to be reminded of these from time to time. This way, we can take the necessary precautions to avoid injury and that other painful outcome – financial loss!

Here are 7 common risks you could face on the golf course and some tips on how to avoid them.


Injuring someone else

There are several famous examples of golfers hitting a wayward shot which has caused serious injury to another person.

At last year’s Ryder Cup, Brooks Koepka’s tee shot hit a female spectator in her right eye. Sadly, she lost sight in this eye as a result. At amateur level, there was the £397k court case after James Gordon’s wayward shot struck Anthony Phee, causing him to lose an eye.

Unfortunate accidents like these reiterate why it’s important to give a nice bold shout to warn the group on the adjacent fairway that your slice is quite possibly heading their way.

Don’t leave it to your playing partners to bellow the warning, and don’t take your lead from the Tour players on television – 90% of them aren’t very good at it.


Injuring yourself

On the subject of injury, give yourself time for a gentle warm up before you play. We’re not suggesting you arrive an hour and a half early for your tee time, but some light stretching before you try to take the skin off the golf ball on the first tee is likely to help.

Studies may not universally agree on this theory, but a great many provide evidence that warm-ups prevent injury.


Erratic golfers

Not every golfer will shout Fore, whether we would like them to or not, so keep a safe distance away to the side when your fellow golfers are playing.

We’re not just referring to your friend who has a case of the ‘unmentionables’, either. Everyone has thinned one through the green. For golfers, shin injuries are common! So, as a rule, stand back.



You’re taking a risk if you leave your clubs outside the locker room or unguarded on the patio whilst you enjoy a post-game drink. As much as we’d like to believe our own golf club is safe, thieves will operate wherever there’s an opportunity to make a quick buck.

Don’t make it easy for the opportunistic thief. After your round, put the clubs away in your car boot or out of view.


Slippery surfaces

At the risk of sounding patronising and stating the obvious, don’t fall over! As much traction as modern footwear provides, we receive numerous claims for personal injury where golfers have taken a slip – which, perhaps, could have been avoided.

Given the tendency for golfers to end up in some pretty precarious positions, the risk of injury is a very real one. However, you can limit the risk of a tumble by sticking to the pathways and taking extra care on tee boxes and steps – especially on a dewy or frosty morning!

It might be quicker to take a hop down the front of the tee box or manoeuvre your trolley down a slope, but one slip and your plans to make it on Tour could be over.



This isn’t just a warning for those of you who enjoy an annual golf trip to Florida. Granted, alligator sightings are pretty rare in the UK, but our heavy rough and woodlands have a few hidden nasties, too.

Therefore, carrying a first aid kit for your regular fourball could go a long way. You may not have the room with all your gadgets and gizmos, but everyone has the space for that number one medicine –Antihistamine.

Horse flies, bees, wasps and nettle stings won’t just damage your skin, they’ll seriously hurt your scorecard, too. As for adders, well, just be careful when you’re looking for your ball…


The sun

Manufacturers are doing their part with certain materials helping golfers to stay protected from harmful UV rays. However, when you pack that flapjack, bottle and water – and, of course, Antihistamine – make sure you throw that sun lotion in the bag, too, no matter what time of year it is.

Wear a cap, too, as four holes in the sun is more than enough time to burn, and you may be doing so without even realising.


As we’ve seen, the golf course presents a myriad of risks which could leave you out of action and out of pocket. Therefore, it pays to be protected with specialist golf insurance. Find out how our golf insurance can protect you against some of the risks on the course and get an instant online quote with us today.

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