The Best Golf GPS Watches For 2020

Golf Care, 20th February 2020

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The new season may already be well underway for the pros, but time is ticking closer to the real start of the season. That’s springtime for most of us. Speaking of time, did you get that watch you wanted for Christmas? We’re not talking designer timepieces, rather the device that’s going to save you a bunch of shots on the golf course – the all-singing, all-dancing golf GPS watch.

There’s nothing wearable tech won’t do these days. It tracks your steps, monitors your heart rate, sends texts, receives emails, talks to you and, of course, gives you accurate yardages. Owning one is like having your own caddie, only they’re lighter and better looking. 

Let’s look at the best golf GPS watches for 2020. It’s not too late to make a worthwhile investment…

Garmin Approach S62 Golf GPS Watch, £479.99

The Garmin Approach S62 is the definition of ‘feature packed’. When we say owning a golf GPS watch is like having your own caddie, it’s devices like this we’re referring to. In fact, one of its features is called Virtual Caddie.

Working in conjunction with the S62’s club tracking system, this feature can factor in wind speed and direction, and suggests a club based on the distance you typically swing with that particular club.

Another key feature is PlaysLike Distance, which adjusts yardages depending on whether you’re playing uphill or downhill.

Then there are the extras: smart notifications, heart rate technology and a Garmin Pay contactless payment solution. These bump the price up to just shy of £500, but if you’re likely to use its many features then the premium price is perfectly justifiable.

Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch, £159.00

There’s a lot to like about the Bushnell Excel.

It has a simple design with a full colour LCD screen, so is easy to use when you’re on the course.

It also provides front, centre and back distances, as well as up to four pre-loaded hazard distances per hole, including layup distances.

Other features include auto course recognition and it picks up where you are on the course, so you don’t need to keep pressing buttons during your round.

It’s also possible to play three rounds on a single charge, which is a big plus if you go a bit golf crazy in the summer months.

As is the trend for most golf GPS watches on the market right now, it’s a device that provides valuable swing feedback, such as temp and clubhead speed, as well as fitness activities.

Although one of the joys of golf is the escape it offers, the function is also there to stay in touch with the outside world.

Shot Scope V2 Golf GPS Watch, £225.00

Here’s one for the stats lovers; the golfers who like to analyse their numbers post-round.

It works via a free app and lightweight tags that screw into your clubs. These detect your swing so that every shot is tracked for distance and accuracy – including putting.

Come the end of your round, you can review everything and bring up all of your stats (which there are over a hundred to choose from).

As well as acting as a performance tracking watch, the V2 provides distances to hazards, plus you can set it up to compete against other Shot Scope users all over the world. As if you weren’t competitive enough already…

GolfBuddy aim W10 Golf GPS Watch, £249.99

The GolfBuddy aim W10 is easy on the eye with its 1.3” full colour touch screen display.

With just a swipe of your finger, you can view the hole layout and green undulations.

The new zoom in, zoom out function around the green is another of the big pluses, as is slope-adjustment. It comes pre-loaded with 40,000 courses worldwide with free updates and will last for 11 hours in Golf Mode.

Hole 19 + Apple Watch/Wear OS, FREE app

The great thing about Hole 19 is that it’s free… that is, if you own the smartwatch already.

This is great news if you don’t want to buy a separate GPS device. However, it’s not as appealing if you’re still waiting for someone to buy you a nice present from Apple.

Let’s say you own one, or are planning on treating yourself. You’ll find many of the same features on the app that you would do in a dedicated golf GPS device. In fact, if you like simple yardages, it’s ideal.

That’s not to say it doesn’t pack a punch, however. You can get flyover views, a digital scorecard and lots more. Now, where’s that nearest Apple store?

Garmin Approach S40 Golf GPS Watch, £239.99

Garmin has every price point well covered in its range. So, if you’re put off by the premium price attached to the new S62, here’s a super option.

The Garmin Approach S40 is lightweight and stylish – especially the Stainless Steel with Powder Grey Band model (light gold/white, and black options are also available).

AutoShot game tracker1 measures and auto-records shot locations and distances for post-round analysis. This means you can get to work on your game with the Garmin Golf app in the 19th. You can also benefit from the CT10 club tracking sensors like you do with the S62, to get a superb overview of your game.

You can also benefit from the CT10 club tracking sensors like you do with the S62, to get a superb overview of your game.

It’s versatile, too, with built-in multisport profiles and tracking for everyday activities, such as sleep – so there’s no need to take it off… ever.

Specialist equipment cover from Golf Care

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