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Why do Golfers Need hole-in-one insurance?

Golf Equipment Insurance

Golf Care's Hole-in-one insurance covers a golfers bar bill up to the value of £200 in the event of a hole in one being putted. This type of cover is often used by golfers at tornaments and events.

You might think you’ll never hit a hole-in-one, but an amateur’s chances are actually 1 in 12,750. So, hole-in-ones happen more often than you might think!

Although not as critical as public liability or equipment cover against theft, loss or damage, our insurance can certainly ease the burden if you're required to quench the thirst of those relying on you to pick up the bar tab.

Why choose our specialist Hole in One Insurance Cover?

Hole-in-one insurance is included in every Golf Care policy. Get insured with us and we’ll pay up to £200 towards the hole-in-one bar bill, so you can toast your achievement on us.

We have four different levels of cover to choose from:

  • Bronze for equipment valued up to £1,250,
  • Silver for up to £1,750,
  • Gold for up to £2,500,
  • whilst our Platinum covers equipment that is valued up to £5,000.

How do I claim on my hole-in-one cover?

To claim on your hole-in-one insurance, you must have hit a hole-in-one during an 18-hole medal or club competition which conforms with the rules and regulations laid down by the International Amateur Golfers Association.

To prove you've achieved a hole-in-one, you must have your scorecard signed by the club secretary, and claims should be submitted in writing, together with the original itemised cash register receipts to us within 28 days. Receipts must have been incurred on the day of the achievement and only from the club premises.

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