Specialist insurance for your golf travel and holidays


With our specialist golf insurance knowledge we have recognised many travel insurance policies fall well short of providing the specific cover that golfers really need when they venture further than their local course.

We have designed a range of policies that ensure you can take to the fairways anywhere in the world and have ultimate golfing peace of mind, at great value.

Typical holiday and travel insurance from a high street provider may not include all of your requirements if you suffer theft, loss or damage of golfing equipment, or an accident whilst on a golfing break.

A Golf Care policy can complement any existing holiday or travel insurance policy you may have, and with our annual policies, you’ll also be covered for when you’re back in more familiar surroundings.

How to choose the right golf holiday for you

Our golf insurance products are ideal for any golfing holiday you choose to have throughout the world. There are often many things to consider when planning a golf holiday, and many resorts around the world are designed for golfing holidays. Picking the right resort to suit your requirements can therefore sometimes be a tough task, albeit an enjoyable one. The courses on offer are obviously a major factor in your decision making - as it is where you will be spending a large amount of your trip. From golfing holidays in Turkey to The Algarve and beyond, there are thousands of magnificent courses to choose from around the world. At Golf Care, we would recommend choosing one best suited to the ability of those in your party. We’d like to think you’d prefer to spend time with the sand on the beach than the sand in the bunkers on a really difficult course! You’ll also be spending plenty of time off course, so make sure your golf holiday considers the whole package of accommodation, surrounding areas and local attractions to keep you occupied.

Peace of mind with golf travel insurance

Planning and enjoying your foreign golfing trip should be a great experience. Golf Care are here to make sure you can enjoy it as much as possible, with the peace of mind that all your specific golf insurance requirements are taken care of – in addition to your standard travel insurance needs.

With great value options that can include European and Worldwide cover, simply click here for an instant insurance quote for your golf travel or holiday.