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Golf Care, 28th April 2015

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Golfing in Britain – the 2015 Golf Care survey results are in

Golf Care have carried out one of the largest ever annual surveys of UK golfers. Looking at everything from their average spend to their preferred equipment, we have dug deep into the psyche of more than 8,800 respondents to find out exactly what it means to be a British golfer in 2015.

The survey allowed us to identify trends and issues within the golfing community, including changes in the preferred brand of iron, a rise in the number of golfers who are club members and a hike in the cost of golfing holidays.

Importantly, our survey also demonstrated the changing attitude towards golf insurance among the golfing community. For the fifth year in a row, we have seen yet another rise in the number of respondents with cover. Even more positively, 37% of those without insurance stated that they would be intending to purchase it within the next twelve months.

So how do you measure to the average UK golfer? Read on to find out more.


UK Golfing habits infographic


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