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The 13 Best Golf Laser Rangefinders On The Market In 2021

Golf Care, 1st September 2021

The golf laser rangefinder market has grown rapidly in recent years, with both established and new brands introducing plenty of cutting-edge design features.

This growth is because we demand accurate yardages to the pin, and having a pinpoint number gives us the confidence to take on shots, as well as stay away from danger. In short, they save shots!

There have been advancements in ergonomics, too, because it’s important for these units to be simple to use as well as comfortable. Small details are crucial, especially given the premium price that’s attached to a number of these lasers.

Prices range from around £100 to over £500, so you need to assess which features are important and whether or not you’d get full use of the technology on offer.

For some, front, middle and back yardages are sufficient; for others, it’s important not to leave any stone unturned in getting a precise measurement. Plus, golfers want all the extras – and there are a fair few of those.

With the above in mind, here are the best golf laser rangefinders on the market in 2021.


1. EasyGreen 1300, RRP £179.99

best golf laser rangefinders

The range on this laser? 1,300 yards, of course. However, its most impressive feature is its TOUR level Slope-Switch Technology, which gives users compensated distance based on the holes incline/decline.

Meanwhile, Pin-Tracking with Vibration Technology leaves golfers in no doubt as to when they’ve locked onto the flag. With fully waterproof housing, you needn’t worry about this superb piece of kit getting damaged, either.


2. Volvik V1, RRP £199.00

best golf laser rangefinders

There’s a lot to like about this unit, with the 6x magnification one of its most impressive qualities – it offers a beautiful clear view of the target.

With Priority First Goal, you’re also able to pinpoint hazards, too – because, let’s face it, staying clear of hazards can make a real difference over the course of a round.

The slope adjustment feature gives you all the help you need in selecting the right club, too.


3. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized, RRP £499.99

best golf laser rangefinders

The price may raise a few eyebrows, but a good number of us wouldn’t think twice about spending this much on a new driver – so why not spend it on a device that can save you a bunch of shots?

This laser is one of the most cutting-edge rangefinders on the market. The key talking point is the stabilisation feature, which is said to remove up to 80 per cent of unwanted vibration to make the flag easier to pick out.

As you’d expect, it also has a slope mode, and the display is crystal clear. It’s also fully waterproof, a benefit few brands can offer.


4. Nikon Coolshot 20 GII, RRP £179.00

best golf laser rangefinders

One of this rangefinder’s main benefits is that it can measure continuously for up to eight seconds when scanning the terrain. This means that if your hands are a little shaky, you can still be sure of getting the correct distance.

In addition, think about those times when you’re on the tee eyeing up hazards. This feature helps you to highlight these and even judge when the fairway runs out.

Looks-wise, the white and black colouring is sure to appeal to many golfers. It might not have the same number of features as some lasers, such as slope mode, but it’s perfect for quick use.


5. Shot Scope Pro L1, RRP £199.99

best golf laser rangefinders

The sporty and ergonomic design looks great, and the device, which is also much lighter than most other models, is designed to sit comfortably in the hand.

It’s Shot Scope’s first-ever laser rangefinder, and there’s a lot to like about it, aside from the modern design.

Standout features include:

  • Adaptive Slope Technology, which displays the angle of slope adjustment and a recalculated distance, accurate to just 3.6 inches.
  • Target Lock Vibration, which gives you a clear indication of when you’re dialled in on your intended target.


6. Garmin Approach Z82, RRP £429.99

best golf laser rangefinders

The Z82 is at the upper end of the price band due to the attention to detail involved in its features.

When looking through the viewfinder, you’ll have access to a full-colour 2D Course View mapping, which is displayed on the left-hand side. This shows you the distances to hazards and the green.

Meanwhile, the flag finder feature locks on the flag and gives precise distances to the pin. There’s also a ‘plays like’ distance feature that accounts for slopes and a Pin Pointer feature that points to the middle of the green on blind shots.

Finally, the unit allows you to keep score and measure shot distances to participate in weekly leaderboards, plus you can review your stats in the Garmin Golf app.


7. GolfBuddy Aim L10V, RRP £269.99

GolfBuddy’s most advanced laser features a unique audio option, which means the user gets spoken confirmation of distances – so it really is like having your own caddie on the golf course.

It’s not gimmicky, and plenty of other features make this device one of the best lasers on the market. For starters, there’s Slope Technology, as well as Pin Finder with Vibration Mode.

Meanwhile, the display offers superb clarity, while the wide LCD screen allows you to view every detail with precision.  


8. GolfBuddy Laser 1, RRP £199.00

Golfers who don’t want to pay the big bucks for the all-singing, all-dancing lasers may lean more towards a device such GolfBuddy’s Laser 1.

It offers 6x magnification and a wide LCD screen for improved visibility of measurements, as well as a pin finder with vibration.

It’s also water-resistant, and the automatic shut-off after 10 seconds when it’s left unattended will prevent you from running out of charge mid-round.


9. Motocaddy Pro 3000, RRP £269.99

Motocaddy’s move into the laser market is interesting and, given the innovation behind its market-leading electric trolleys, its laser was always going to be high spec.

As well as Slope Compensation Mode and Pin Lock, this device offers wonderful clear views of the course, with 7x magnification and an adjustable eyepiece for the optimum viewing experience.

Meanwhile, it’s compact and lightweight, whilst the textured grip means it sits comfortably in the users’ hands.


10. Bushnell Tour V5 Shift, RRP £359.00

This golf laser rangefinder pretty much has it all. PinSeeker with visual JOLT technology gives the user confidence that they have locked onto the flag, whilst a new and improved slope algorithm and Slope-Switch technology allows golfers to turn the slope function on or off.

As a result, you’re guaranteed even more precise yardages, and these are returned rapidly with the Fast Focus system. The Bite magnetic mount is also a nice touch, as it allows the device to be secured to a golf buggy without the need for any aftermarket accessories.


11. Bushnell Tour V5 Slim Edition, RRP £299.00

The Slim Edition is exactly that – slimmer than its big brother. This is because Bushnell has moved the battery housing to the back of the unit and slimmed down the outer casing.

As a result, Bushnell says it has created a laser that fits snugly into the hands with ‘the minimum of interference when acquiring a target’.

In summary, it has the same features as the standard model, only a more ergonomic shape, which will probably make it easier for more golfers to use.


12. Bushnell Hybrid, RRP £399.00

Bushnell’s hybrid combines laser and GPS yardages.

The laser function, which is powered by a CR2 battery, gives precise distances to the flag, while on the side, a GPS display – powered by a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery – delivers front, middle, and back yardages.

As with the V5, you get PinSeeker with JOLT Technology, too, so you receive short, vibrating bursts to isolate the target and lock onto the flag.


13. Zoom Focus X, RRP £219.99

Zoom might be a lesser-known brand, but its Focus X is proving to be a popular device, and it packs quite a punch for its relatively modest price.

Slope Compensation gets a big tick, as does the 6x magnification optics and eyepiece adjuster, which offers maximum comfort.

The unit vibrates when the flag has been picked out from the background, and it will display the yardage to the nearest 0.1 of a yard for an extra level of accuracy.


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